New Holland launches super-high capacity Braud 11.90 X Multi harvester for high-density orchards

  • The new model delivers unparalleled productivity harvesting multiple fruits in high-density orchards, together with enhanced comfort for the operator and advanced precision farming features

New Holland Agriculture extends its offering of fruit harvesters with the new high-capacity Braud 11.90 X Multi developed for Super-Efficient System (S.E.S.) high-density orchards. This type of plantation aims to make the most effective use of available resources, with varietals selected for high productivity, high-density planting for efficient use of space, water efficiency, and optimum sun exposure over the calibrated two-dimensional canopy.  Olive and almond SES planting is becoming increasingly widespread across Europe.

Philippe Boisseau, Global Olive Harvester Product Specialist for New Holland stated: “New Holland Braud’s excellence in vineyards is well known, but we also provide efficient solutions to harvest other fruits, such as olives, with a range of dedicated machines that is continuously improved and extended. This new model in the range is the ultimate New Holland solution to help our customers create a more sustainable agriculture. It also offers an opportunity for renewing olive growing for farmers affected by the Xylella disaster.”

The Braud 11.90 X Multi is an entirely new machine designed to deliver high capacity and high efficiency in SES orchards harvesting a variety of fruits, such as olives, almonds and any other fruit in row planting. The new model was redesigned from the ground up, maintaining key Braud patents, to work in multiple crops, respecting the trees and picking the fruit with the highest efficiency. It is an extra-large machine built for high capacity, that can be driven on the road.

The Braud 11.90 X Multi features a bigger tunnel, the renowned SDC shaking system, an oversized Noria basket system and unprecedented tank capacity. The maximised cleaning surface ensures the highest harvest quality in every crop. This super-high capacity machine can harvest olive orchards at speed and at a rate of up to 4 km/h in almonds, covering a greater area in fewer working hours.

The New Holland Braud 11.90 X Multi features a comfortable air-conditioned cab, which provides perfect visibility over the row. Operating and setting the machine is easy with the multifunction handle and Intelliview TM IV monitor, while the pneumatic seat offers a comfortable ride.  The harvester can be equipped with a GPS row tracking system, which finds the tracks of the harvested rows. With the full telematic option, which includes the Intellifield™ module, it is possible to share the tracks when operating multiple harvesters in the same field. New Holland’s Specialty PLM solutions are in constant evolution, leveraging connectivity to deliver the most advanced technologies to help customers optimise their machines and achieve the greatest return on their investment.