New HORSCH Taro drill family is highly manoeuvrable and efficient

A new mounted disc drill has been launched by HORSCH to provide a highly manoeuvrable seeding system that is ideal for smaller and irregular fields.

The new Taro HD and Taro SL drills have a 6m working width that enables them to cover the ground efficiently and are combined with a front-mounted HORSCH Partner hopper for a compact design.

The Taro 6 HD is equipped with a tyre packer and PowerDisc seed coulters. The packer levels and creates consistent sowing conditions in front of each coulter. The proven PowerDisc seed coulter guarantees optimum depth control, even in heavy conditions with a lot of clods.

The HORSCH Partner front tank is available with either 1600 litre or 2200 litre capacities and optimises the weight distribution of the tractor and seeding rig. An offset method enables separate passes for tillage and sowing and offers greater sowing flexibility, especially in years with high rainfall.

The Taro SL is equipped with a RollFlex packer and third generation TurboDisc seed coulters. Additional equipment options are available to extensively adapt this machine to the customer requirements.

The 3000kg deadweight is low for a 6m machine and it is available with 12.5cm and 15cm row spacings. The optional selective hose system for the two distributor towers and a HORSCH Partner has an electric half-width shut-off. This allows row spacing to be changed at the touch of a button from 12.5cm to 25cm or 15cm to 30cm.

The Taro 6 SL is ideal for farms that carry out a mechanical weed control with harrow and hoe and can be used in combination with a HORSCH Transformer VF.

The Taro family stands for manoeuvrability, flexibility, high efficiency and variety, whether it is used solo with a front tank and 3-point linkage, or in combination with a Pronto AS or a Focus with 3-point linkage rack.

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