New inter row weeder and cultivator

  • More robust frame
  • Individual cultivation units can be set with inter-row spacing from 45 to 80cm
  • Range offers 3 models with working span from 4.8 to 9.6 metres

Bednar’s new ROW-MASTER RN_PROFI model series main support frame differs from previous models.  The main frame is more robust and is prepared for a high variability of equipment elements. The clearance of the main frame has also increased to 90 centimetres for interrow crop cultivation, namely corn and sunflower.

The main carrying frame is seamless along the entire width of the working span for easy setting of the inter-row spacing. The individual cultivation units can be set with inter-row spacing from 45 cm to 80 cm and there are three models in the range with a working span from 4.8 to 9.6 metres.

The ROW-MASTER RN_PROFI model series offers a sectional control system under the name of ROWUNIT CONTROL. Based on the data from the navigation system, the individual working units are gradually lifted and lowered. The use of the system minimizes places that are not weeded as well as damage to the crop. The height of the lift of the individual cultivation units is 45 centimetres.

The ROW-MASTER RN_PROFI models have a structural design in the form of a parallelogram. Each cultivation unit is mounted to the frame with a clip. The parallelogram traces the terrain and precisely maintains the set working depth of the cultivation units

The individual models of the ROW-MASTER RN_PROFI machine can be easily adjusted to interrow cultivation by rearranging the required inter-row spacing,  and also because of the  wide range of optional equipment for the individual cultivation units.

The cultivation units can be equipped with shares, chisels or special half-shares that loosen soil in the inter-row near the crop row without any negative effects. Protective discs or fixed protective screens are used for crop protection. The special equipment in the form of rubber rods is a convenient tool for cultivation units when inter-row cultivation is done in the early growth stage. The rubber rods work in the crop row, pulling out shallow-rooted weeds with their rotary movement.

The ROW-MASTER RN_PROFI cultivator can also be equipped with drill coulters on request for planting catch crop in the interrows of the main crop.

“The ROW-MASTER RN and RN_S cultivators have been selling very well. We can see that weeding is popular again and it is a trend confirmed, for example, by many leading growers of sugar beet. Customers have come to like our machines mainly due to their simplicity and easy setting without the need for special tools. We applied our experience in the development of ROW-MASTER RN_PROFI and equipped the machine with all the essentials needed for managing the current trends in inter-row cultivation. Namely, we fitted the machine with the ROW-UNIT CONTROL system,” said Jan Bednář, Sales Director.