New machine from Reddonatura in India that can turn farmyard waste into compost has arrived in the UK for trial

Farmyard manure builds up on farms all year round and the rNature composting machines can offer a solution to utilise this waste.

The rN250 model which can handle a number of types of waste uses advanced technology to automatically compost materials and  is now available for trial for 2-3 week periods from UK distributor Horse Weigh International (HWIL).

As well as waste from farmyards it can handle livestock market waste, abattoir waste, poultry processing plant waste, green waste for garden centres, and large hotel/golf resorts food waste.

There are 12 models in total in the range – rN25, rN75, rN125, rN250, rN500, rN750, rN1000, rN2000, rN5000, rN10000. rN15000, rN20000 – offering varying composting capacities.

The smallest rN25 has a 25kgs composting capacity per day and the largest rN20000 has a 20,000kg composting capacity per day.

Each machine uses a three stage process to compost material and uses three phase electricity to run. The processes are grinding, heating and the action of the natural ‘mother’ enzyme.

The supplied mother enzyme and sawdust are added at the time of commissioning. The process then homogenises the organic and bio-degradable waste with the enzyme.

The enzyme duplicates exponentially and will continue self-duplicating. When the compost is removed, some enzyme will be removed, but this is not a problem, because there is more enzyme being continually produced.

Users must never completely empty the vessel of compost and should always leave some compost in, for the next cycle’s enzyme production to kick in to ensure a continual production of the mother enzyme.

UK distributor Horse Weigh International (HWIL) has already tested the technology and has a machine ready for customer trial.

William Bedell, director of HWIL, said: “This technology will allow our beloved countryside to say ‘good-bye’ to the large straw-based FYM/equine yard heaps and the possible leakage of effluent into water courses.

“I financially proof tested this technology with the owner of a large garden centre in Ellesmere Port 12 months ago. The results proved that the machine paid for itself in less than a year, when compared to the centre’s annual waste disposal costs bill.

“We currently have a roaming demonstrator machine in the UK, which is particularly aimed at those clients with large operations, to first trial it. We can then accurately match the correct capacity machine to that operation’s daily organic waste generation,” he said.

Feature list on all models

  • Fully Automatic
  • Approximately 20 hour cycle (this can vary according to the waste being composted and its water content)
  • Guaranteed to produce NO methane with its Aerobic process
  • Empty once per week
  • Low operation cost
  • 12 months warranty, 24 months offered on major components for a small additional charge
  • Service Life 10-12 years