New Mechanical Weeding Solution from KRM

  • KRM (Keith Rennie Machinery Ltd) has announced an expansion in its range of Mechanical Weeding solutions with the addition of the Rotanet Control from European leaders in mechanical weeding Carre

Since first partnering with Carre in 2019 KRM have been focusing on the Econet range of interrow hoe’s which are now well established in the market and are keen to build on this success and offer a complete range of mechanical weeding solutions.

The complete Rotanet range will be available through KRM including Rotanet Control and the recently introduced double folding models with working widths of 8m10, 9m20 & 10m30. These models can be folded/unfolded to 3m via the in-cab control box for maximum comfort and peace of mind during transport.

Rotanet control features the patented SPC module which allows the pressure of the hoes to be precisely adjusted from the tractor cab, the pressure can be adjusted from 18 to 29kg.

On all Rotanet models the hoes are individually retractable in order to be able to work only in the inter-row on crops that are too sensitive to the passage of this tool or conversely to work only the row.

These models can be fitted with the new patented comb harrow option, integrated directly into the hoe to ensure that the roots of the weeds are brought up to the surface to ensure that they dry out.