New MEGA range from Bednar

The all-new MEGA range will consist of 3 models; 14m, 16m and 18.4m working widths and

consists of a X – formation layout of the working discs; this ensures that the machine pull

square behind the tractor, a perfect complement to any Controlled Traffic Farming practices.

Amongst many options, the machine can be equipped with 560mm discs and a front cutting


Using the aggressive “A-Discs“, you can work from 2 to 14cm deep while ensuring a

constant chop and incorporation performance.

With the size of the Mega, the importance of maintaining perfect performance is

paramount. As such, the machine is equipped with a load sensing system, controlled by

ISOBUS making operation simple and comfortable.

▪ Fast stubble cultivation to induce germination of weeds.

▪ Pre-sowing preparation, including flattening of the rough furrow.

▪ Incorporation of plant material such as catch crops (mustard, clover etc…).

▪ Sowing of catch crops and grasses using the ALFA-DRILL sowing unit in one pass.

▪ 3m transport width.

▪ Working speeds of up to 18-20kph

▪ For tractors of 450hp or more.

Since the launch of the SwifterDisc almost 15 years ago, it has become one of the most

popular machines to be retail sold since we arrived in the UK in 2019. The current range of

3m to 12m Swifterdisc’s have performed impeccably during demonstrations, resulting in high confidence and therefore retail sales,” explains managing director for the UK and ROI,

Warren Rivers-Scott.

The SwifterDisc XE18400 MEGA will be available to order in August 2021 and can be

combined with the following options;

▪ Front levelling board

▪ Rear levelling board

▪ Front trash cutter with a 310mm diameter

▪ Classic scalloped discs or serrated A-Discs

▪ Alpha seeder, an 800 litre ISOBUS hopper

▪ Choice of rear single and double roller available