New mounted reversible plough

  • Pöttinger, the arable specialist, is kitted out for the future with a new generation of hitch-mounted reversible ploughs
  • The SERVO 4000 has a simple and intuitive control centre, an extremely robust turnover mechanism and a high-strength frame as well as optimised mounting geometry

The new hitch-mounted reversible ploughs are offered in Standard, NOVA, PLUS and PLUS NOVA versions with four to six furrows. NOVA and PLUS NOVA ploughs feature hydraulic stone protection with an adjustable triggering pressure of up to 1,400 kg. This prevents damage to the plough and enables ploughing without interruption. The SERVO 4000 series is available with a point-to-point spacing of 95 or 102 cm and an underbeam clearance of 80 cm, or 90 cm as an option.

The TRACTION CONTROL system actively transfers weight from the plough to the rear axle of the tractor. The resulting increase in traction ensures efficient ploughing with reduced wheel slip while minimising harmful compaction of the soil. Preventing compaction promotes plant growth, soil life, and access to water and nutrients. In addition, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 10 percent. That is pure cost efficiency.

The SERVO 4000 has greasing points that are easily accessible to minimise maintenance requirements as far as possible. Moreover, all reversible points are DURASTAR quality with a tungsten carbide armoured layer as standard. This contributes to a significantly longer service life.

Tractors have very different hitch geometries in the various power classes. Pöttinger has developed the headstock that adapts to this. A wide range of adjustment options allows it to be ideally matched to the tractor. In addition to the standard mounting axles in various categories, a mounting axle with enclosed linkage and a steered axle are also available. The optimised geometry of the headstock makes it easy to lift the plough away. For a wide range of applications, these ploughs are designed, depending on the equipment options fitted, for tractors between 140 and 360 hp.

The newly designed SERVOMATIC control centre with four-joint linkage makes it even easier and quicker to set up the plough correctly and adjust it to different tractors. Beam angle and front furrow width can be adjusted in just a few steps. The front furrow width can be conveniently adjusted using the inside track width. A clearly visible scale helps to find the right position. Hydraulic adjustment is also available as an option. The curved cast yoke gives the SERVO 4000 a wide range of front furrow adjustment. For high versatility, the settings cover tractor inside track widths between 1,000 and 1,500 mm. The pulling point is pre-set at the factory and does not need to be corrected. In special situations, further fine adjustment is still possible.

On SERVO ploughs with hydraulic furrow width adjustment, the four-joint linkage automatically adjusts the front furrow when the furrow width is adjusted. Likewise, the pull point adjusts automatically as the plough adopts the perfect tractor-plough pull line thanks to the freedom of movement in the lower linkage. The reliable beam angle adjustment is designed as a closed beam guide with beam angle lift. At the same time, the internal spindle is optimally protected against contamination.

If required, the working width on the PLUS and PLUS NOVA ploughs can be hydraulically adjusted to the soil conditions, the required working results, the ploughing depth and the tractor power. The triggering pressure of the NOVA stone protection system can be conveniently changed using a spool valve on the tractor, the maximum triggering force is 1400 kg.

The plough beam has been engineered to absorb the forces acting on it during ploughing even better. The large-dimensioned and full-length main beam section transfers the tractive forces smoothly to the plough beam. To ensure the high strength of the beam, holes have been reduced to a minimum. In addition, the ingenious construction protects all bearing points and mounted components. The beam link is made of high quality cast steel and guarantees higher strength and durability.

The robust frame construction, the powerful turnover mechanism, and the NOVA stone protection system ensure relentless operation in all conditions. It is easy to adjust all the relevant settings thanks to the logically structured control centre, which provides impressive accessibility. The best quality tilth and the reliable incorporation of plant residues and straw ensure a clean and tidy ploughing pattern as a good basis for the next crop and financial success.