New range of CVT tractors launched

  • Follows preview of 280hp flagship in late 2022
  • New cab offers more space, less noise, premium finish
  • Ride comfort boosted by advanced suspension system linking front axle, cab and rear linkage damping
  • New configurable controls
  • Improved serviceability enhances productivity

A few months after previewing a new flagship Absolut CVT tractor introducing multiple new features, STEYR® Traktoren has released a full range of new Absolut CVT models, the most important development of the line since its launch.

The new tractors bring many technologies proven on larger STEYR models, bringing their advantages to a wider customer base. There are five new Absolut CVT models, from the 6200 to the 6280, with the last three figures representing the maximum unboosted horsepower from their Stage V 6.7-litre FPT NEF six-cylinder engines. They produce up to 11% more power across the range, with a maximum 1,250Nm torque at 1,500rpm on the largest model. Larger, stronger axles mean gross vehicle weight of up to 15,000kg is permitted.

At the heart of the changes to the tractors is a new cab that is 8% bigger internally, giving the operator more room to move and extra space for storage. No other maker lays claim to a noise rating as low as the 66 decibels measured at the Absolut CVT driver’s ear, a figure which has been almost halved.

The interior features premium finishing materials throughout, an A-pillar tractor data display with STEYR interface featuring easy-to-read figures and symbols, and a large coolbox integrated beneath the passenger seat. With 11% more glass, better vision means greater safety and working ease, while ride is enhanced by a new S-Comfort suspension system, co-ordinating front axle, cab and rear hitch damping to minimise shock transfer. This is complemented by a high-specification seat with lateral suspension, cooling and heating, plus an upper swivelling backrest.

A new Multicontroller armrest features configurable controls and hydraulic valves, a press-and-turn encoder dial, and new 12in Infomat 1200 tablet-style touchscreen, via which ISOBUS-compatible implements can be controlled. The new Absolut CVT models also feature Tractor Implement Management (TIM) capability, which allows a PTO-powered implement such as a baler to automatically control the tractor’s forward speed, for maximum operating consistency and efficiency.

The new models are more than a current Absolut CVT with a new cab, though. Changes at the heart of the tractors include the ability to customise CVT operation, allowing adjustment and recall of settings according to preferences and task requirements, saving time and easing operation. Unique among STEYR models, this was developed to aid acceleration/deceleration behaviour, shuttle response and sensitivity for both the Multicontroller and the drive pedal, the latter being a new, more responsive unit which can be overridden when required.

S-Fleet telematics allows remote monitoring and for automatic transfer of data and records over the air, which are then accessible via the farm PC through the web portal, or the S-Fleet mobile app. It also monitors machine location and performance so, for example, refuelling needs can be dealt with. In addition, instruction such as field maps also be sent to the tractor from a smart device/PC. Five years’ telematics subscription is supplied as standard.

If the owner permits, their STEYR dealer can also monitor tractors fitted with S-Fleet, which can help identify any early warning signs of machine issues, and provide remote service access via S-Fleet Remote Support. This also allows dealers to remotely upgrade software if required, and to provide operator in-cab support via S-Fleet Remote View, directly connecting to the Infomat 1200 screen.

Elsewhere on the latest Absolut CVT tractors, diesel capacity is up 15%, the new tank also incorporating space for a toolbox to minimise cab clutter. An integral hand-wash tank is optional. The taller 2.05m (710/70 R42) rear tyre option introduced on the Absolut 6280 CVT is now also available on the 6220 and 6240 models, providing a 15% larger footprint for greater traction, flotation and load-bearing capabilities.

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