New range of manure spreaders on show at LAMMA

  • Application accuracy boosted by new load cell option for Powerspread manure spreaders
    • The Shelbourne Reynolds range of Powerspread Pro side-discharge manure spreaders is now available with a new weigh scale system
    • By ensuring operators know exactly what weight of material they have loaded, it helps them to gauge application rates far more accurately than would otherwise be possible

Developed from the system established on the Shelbourne Reynolds Powermix diet feeders, the installation on the Powerspread machines consists of three 90mm load cells, with two on the axle and one on the drawbar, each with a maximum 10t load capacity. These feed data to a scale head which can be mounted either on the spreader or in the tractor cab, while a wireless remote scale is also available for the machine loading the spreader.

The weigh cell option is available across the six-model Powerspread Pro range, which is designed and built for high-output operations, offering capacities from 8-14.5m³ (1,800-3,200 gallons). With fertiliser prices remaining high, and pressures growing on farmers and contractors to ensure manures are not over-applied to land, the option allows Powerspread Pro customers to maximise application accuracy and, at the same time, meet their environmental obligations, says Shelbourne Reynolds’ Neil Smith.

“For the near future we also have in development a data transfer system to help users maintain accurate application records for farm record-keeping, and a GPS mapping system to allow variable rate application.

“In addition to single wheels and tyres, Powerspread Pro machines are also available with tandem axles and rear-wheel steering to spread the load and minimise field damage and tyre wear, options which can be combined with a range of flotation tyres to meet the challenges of wet autumns like the one we have just experienced.”

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