New straw walker combine harvester series

  • Fendt introduces new combine harvester series up to 260 hp the Fendt Corus 500

Fendt is introducing a new combine harvester series in the up to 260 hp power segment, the Fendt Corus 500. Designed as an entry-level model for European farms that rely on self-mechanisation, the range comprises nine five-straw walker models with a working width of up to 7.60 m and two different grain tank sizes and unloading capacities.

The Fendt Corus 500 was designed for flexible use in different crops. The focus was on high threshing performance with reliable, efficient and robust technology. Different equipment variants in terms of header, threshing unit, sieves and cleaning allow use in a wide range of crops such as cereals, rice, grain maize, beans or peas, even under difficult harvesting conditions. These features make the new series the ideal entry-level model for self-mechanised farmers.

The Fendt Corus 500 replaces the previous straw walker models, the Fendt 5185 E and Fendt 5225 E. The 500 series covers the power range from 185 hp to 260 hp with the Fendt Corus 518 (185 hp), Fendt Corus 522 (225 hp) and Fendt Corus 526 (260 hp) models. The 4.9 L displacement, 4-cylinder AGCO Power engine powers the Fendt Corus 518. The Fendt Corus 522 and 526 models are equipped with a 7.4 L displacement, 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine. Both engines meet the European Stage V emissions standard with a diesel oxidation filter (DOC) combined with a catalytic converter carrier in Crossversal Structure Design (CS) and exhaust gas recirculation (SCR).

For the first time, the new electro-hydrostatic drive is available for the entry-level models. It powers all models in the Fendt Corus 500 series. The electro-hydrostatic control reacts sensitively and quickly to speed impulses.

The two modes for the field and the road control the speed intelligently. In road mode, the Fendt Corus 500 lowers the engine speed and thus consumes less fuel. In field mode, the full speed is available depending on demand.

The cab is already familiar from the Fendt 5225 E and has been extensively revised. The multifunction joystick allows the driver to control, among other things, the speed, the header and the unloading auger of the Fendt Corus 500 For ergonomic working, this joystick is directly connected to the armrest. The concave and sieves are now controlled directly from the cab. The on-board computer and two optional cameras provide an optimal overview of the machine. The large panoramic windscreen and new working lights at the front of the combine ensure the best visibility.

For the first time in this performance segment, the PowerFlow and FreeFlow header are available for all Fendt Corus 500 models, offering working widths of up to 7.60 m. Both headers are connected to the intake elevator via the WorldWide Hook Up header mount. This allows flexible mounting of all available and compatible headers.

The proven headers combine a robust and low-maintenance design with efficient throughput even in difficult harvesting conditions. The automatic cutting height control and TerraControl II header control are controlled directly from the cab and guide the header precisely according to the harvesting parameters.

The Fendt PowerFlow header with a working width of up to 6.20 m and an optional rapeseed auger can be used flexibly in different crops. The crop is transported via the belts to the intake auger. The belts ensure the crop is fed evenly. In addition, the Heavy Duty header drive is available for large working widths or headers with high drive power.

The Fendt Multi Crop Separator (MCS) plus threshing system is optional for all models of the Fendt Corus 500. It is familiar from the Fendt L-series models. The high separation area ensures that as much grain as possible is separated before the crop reaches the straw walkers. The swivelling concave enables high throughput in dry as well as in difficult conditions with long straw or wet harvesting conditions. Different concaves are available for all models for use in grain, maize or rice.

The cleaning area of the Fendt Corus 500 is 4.7 m2. Electrically adjustable high-performance sieves are also available especially for use in high-yield areas. These work efficiently, cleanly and reduce grain losses even at high throughput.

All models of the Fendt Corus 500 with MCS can be used to harvest rice. The special equipment for use in rice includes reinforced components made of extra durable material. The threshing drum with pins treats the rice grains gently. A rice drive is also available as an option

The Fendt Corus 518 is available with a 5,200 L grain tank capacity and an unloading capacity of 72 L/s as standard. For the Fendt Corus 522, as well as Fendt Corus 522 MCS model, a 6,500 L grain tank can be selected as an option. The unloading capacity is then 85 L/s. The Fendt Corus 526 and Fendt Corus 526 MCS models are equipped with the large grain tank as standard.

An adjustable rear axle is optional on the Fendt Corus 518, 518 MCS and 518 MCS rice models. This allows adaptation to different track widths and tyre combinations, as well as switching between grain and rice. Depending on the tyre combination, this also increases the steering angle and thus the manoeuvrability of the combine. The adjustable rear axle is standard equipment on all other models.

Customers can choose between 620/75 R30, 650/75 R32, 710/75 R32 or 800/65 R32 front tyres. 400/70 R20 or 460/70 R24 tyres are available for the rear axle. This allows farmers to select the appropriate set up subject to local requirements regarding the outer width and to achieve the largest possible footprint. All-wheel drive is also available.