New tractor storage solution

  • JF Hudson Ltd have devised a practical way to solve the problem of storage in tractor cabs to make sure farmers have what they need to hand
  • A new range of compact front boxes as an agricultural storage solution


Lack of storage in the tractor cab can be an issue for operators. JF Hudson Ltd have come up with a practical means to solve the problem and ensure farmers have what they need on hand.

The company has built a new range of Compact Front Boxes as an agricultural storage solution that attach to the front linkage of a tractor when the arms are folded up.

The front mounted boxes can carry and protect all the tools and equipment you need out in the field. They offer a large and secure space to store a wide variety of essentials from grease guns and baler string, to fuel and oil, to water and seed.

The North-Yorkshire based manufacturer and machinery dealer constructed the boxes that attach to a front linkage, following being approached by a customer struggling with the lack of storage space within the confines of his tractor.

James Hudson, owner and Managing Director said: “He needed somewhere to keep a decent set of tools with him. On the average tractor there are not that many places for storage. People want to be able to take with them what they use or have somewhere to keep spares close by.

“We designed the boxes so farmers can keep on them what they need when they need it, whether it be spare parts, a leaf blower or consumables such as string or seed. The operator’s safety is a key factor taken into consideration in the design of the boxes. The low-profile design provides excellent stability and a good line of sight. The front linkage when folded-up ensures the box is kept as close to the tractor as possible to prevent it from sticking out and obscuring vision, a particular potential danger pulling out of fields and gate posts.