New Trailed Bale Trailer – Wago TR from Joskin

  • After taking over the Leboulch company (French manufacturer of agricultural tipping trailers, muck spreaders and bale trailers) in 2012, Joskin decided to rethink the development of the Leboulch bale trailers in order to add them to its own range
  • The objective was to use the experience of the Leboulch brand, but also JOSKIN’s technique and technological progress, to create an improved bale trailer adapted to the market needs

The JOSKIN range of bale trailers is divided into the galvanised and painted models. Although these two versions have the same basic structure, which is mainly tubular for a better resistance to torsion, their design is not completely identical.

Galvanised bale trailers have a platform equipped with a 4 mm high tensile steel sheet with successive ribs along its length to reinforce the strength of the floor. In order to avoid water stagnation, the ribs have holes for cleaning and a quick drainage of the liquid. The side edges are slightly sloping, which gives the load more stability. Finally, the sides are reinforced with longitudinal ribs. The range of galvanised bale trailers can also be delivered with a treated wooden floor (4 cm thick).

The painted models (in JOSKIN green) are designed with a non-slip chequered plate floor. They are also equipped with a special outer profile with a 2 cm edge to secure the load laterally.

The JOSKIN range of bale trailers, whether galvanised or painted, is certified to European and French standards until 2025.

All JOSKIN trailed bale trailers benefit from the latest technical improvements developed in the different factories of the group. The galvanised models are manufactured in Poland, next to the Group’s galvanising plant, and the painted ones in the Leboulch factory in Normandy. All accessories (drawbar, ladders, axles…) are identical to both ranges and are produced in the most appropriate factories.