New trailed pneumatic seed drill combination from Pottinger

  • New seed drill conserves the soil and is compact and manoeuvrable for the best working results

The new trailed AEROSEM seed drill with a working width of 5 metres combined with active tillage from Pöttinger combines high output performance with flexibility. Soil conservation and perfect placement of the seed are the most important factors. Pöttinger guarantees this as arable farming professionals with a precision universal metering system and ingenious, robust seed coulters. The machines will be available from October 2021.

Each feature on Pöttinger’s AEROSEM 5000 DD is designed to increase productivity. At the end of the day, the farmer increases their profit:

  • Perfect ground tracking for successful drilling
  • Compact design with soil conserving packer
  • Ideal seedbed preparation with the LION 103 C series power harrow
  • Coulter technology for large area output and a uniform, clean seed slot
  • Pressurised hopper system for greater flexibility.

The large-volume packer tyres reduce the pressure applied to the ground and minimise rolling resistance to prevent the bulldozing effect. A large contact area in combination with the special grooved profile ensures optimum consolidation of the seed rows. In addition, the packer is hydraulically damped to support smooth operation during sowing. This allows high driving speeds to be maintained on different types of soil.

Thanks to the trailed seed drill & power harrow combination, the tractor does not need to lift heavy implements. Uniform weight distribution is ensured because the machine is attached to the lower linkage arms and guided by the tyre packer. The result is a smooth running machine.

The design of the longitudinal pressurised hopper with a capacity of 2,800 litres is completely new. The hopper is divided 50:50 in the direction of travel, so that seed can be drilled with fertiliser or on its own. Special attention has been paid to providing easy access to the seed hopper.

An extremely compact design and the intelligent configuration of the seed hopper give the seed drill excellent manoeuvrability. Even with dual wheels, it is possible to turn straight into the next pass. The shortened, low design of the hopper and the integration of the packer into the chassis ensure fast, space-saving turns at the headland.

The newly designed AEROSEM pressurised metering system is designed for the highest application rates. This system ensures exact seed flow rates regardless of the type of seed or the working conditions. Each side of the hopper features a separate metering system – but feeds the same single shoot seed line. The metering systems can be controlled independently of each other. Two components can be applied simultaneously. Moreover, two application maps can be used for site-specific drilling.

The DUAL DISC double disc coulter system ensures precise seed placement even in the most difficult conditions. The large coulters are slightly offset and form a clean and tidy seed slot. The maintenance-free, equal length coulter arms with ab offset of 30 cm ensure maximum reliability even with a high level of plant residues. With up to 60 kg applied to each seed coulter, reliable cutting through is guaranteed at high driving speeds. The V-shaped seed slot prevents the seed from rolling.