New triple mower

  • Pöttinger ‘s new mower combination combines high output with ground tracking and reliability thanks to intelligent technology
  • The NOVACAT V 10000 is available with a headstock for 3.0 or 3.5 metre wide front mowers. This makes working widths of up to 9.62 and 10.02 metres possible

As an option, the NOVACAT V 10000 can be equipped with the proven COLLECTOR cross conveyor belt and CROSS FLOW auger for merging swaths.

The NOVACAT V 10000, like its predecessor NOVACAT A10, is a front/rear combination that is adaptable and convenient to operate thanks to an extensive electronics and hydraulics update. The hydraulic cylinders integrated into the booms shift the cutter bar by up to 370 mm on each side. As a result, they ensure optimum overlap and perfect mowing quality on slopes, when cornering and on flat surfaces.

The ground pressure automatically adapts to the working width. Optimum hydraulic weight alleviation guarantees soil conservation and the best forage quality. In addition, wear is significantly reduced and fuel costs are lowered. This automatic adjustment system is available as an option on the NOVACAT V 10000.

The patented Y DRIVE input gearbox features an output shaft on the opposite side. This has the advantage that longer standard PTO shafts can be used with less of an angle in operation. The result is exceptionally smooth operation and high performance, even in really tough conditions and at the headland. This new design extends service life significantly.

The NOVACAT V 10000 is equipped with the very latest ISOBUS-capable SELECT pre-select control system as standard. The job computer is located directly on the machine. An ISOBUS cable or the new SELECT CONTROL terminal can be connected to the job computer.

All functions can be preselected and then performed using the tractor’s remote valves. Only one double-acting hydraulic connection is required. The control system allows the mower units to be lifted individually. Hydraulics are also used to fold the side guard (optional), adjust the working width and operate the transport interlock.

The control terminal has an integrated maintenance indicator. This displays the next maintenance tasks (greasing points and oil change) that need to be carried out on the machine, depending on the hours worked.

The second control option is the optional ISOBUS-compatible system. The NOVACAT V 10000 can be controlled either using an ISOBUS tractor terminal or the new third-generation POWER CONTROL, EXPERT 75, or the CCI 1200 control terminal. The hydraulic oil supply is via load sensing.

With this control option, all functions such as individual lifting of the mower units, working width adjustment, side guard folding and transport interlock are controlled directly, with some integrated into automatic function sequences.

A new feature here is Section Control activation, using the standard job computer. In combination with AEF TC-SC (Task Controller Section Control) certified ISOBUS terminals and PÖTTINGER CONNECT, the individual mower units are automatically raised and lowered at the headland, depending on the GPS position.

Another innovation is the optional automatic inclination system. On slopes, the mower units are shifted automatically so that no streaks are left standing even if the mower combination drifts sideways.

In addition to these features, the new mower combination boasts the proven hydraulic NONSTOP LIFT collision safety device to protect the cutter bar, and the NOVA-CAT cutter bar, proven a thousand times in the field, with its quick-change blade system as standard equipment.