New twin-auger 4-cylinder self-propelled mixer wagon

BvL has extended its series of self-propelled mixer wagons to include a compact 4-cylinder version, the V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus 2S, with a larger container volume.

The development of self-propelled mixer wagons at Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG (BvL) in Emsbüren goes all the way back to the 1990s. Since then, the appearance and features of the machines have changed substantially. Currently, the V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus, is available in single and double auger variants with 4- and 6-cylinder engines, respectively.

The new V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus 2S combines the base of the single auger self-propelled machine but with the container of the double auger machine. The result is a robust machine with a large container volume of 19 m3 or 21 m3, but with a smaller engine compared to the standard double auger self-propelled machine. The 174 HP 4-cylinder machine is therefore in the middle price range between the two previous BvL self-propelled machines.

The new V-MIX Drive series is ideal for use as a farmyard machine, but can be registered for road use and is suitable for short distances to remote barns or other areas of the farm.  Since the machine is equipped with a separate transmission, the mixing process with both augers is no problem whatsoever despite the smaller engine, and cleaning is also facilitated by very high RPMs.

The time-proven and long-lasting structure roller in this mixer wagon also ensures removal of feed without damage to the physical structure of the mix. Other BvL features, such as automatic remixing or maneuvering with the crawler gear function, are of course also standard equipment.

The machine is also available with new extra options, such as additional storage capacities and loading functions, an additional LED light unit over the cab, or virtually panoramic visibility due to the new Bird View camera system.

The new V-MIX Drive Maximus Plus 2S self-propelled diet feeder was on display for the first time at the BvL stand at EuroTier 2022 in Hanover.