New upgrades and extended warranty on Techneat range of portable Diesel and Adblue bowsers

Cambridgeshire based manufacturer Techneat Engineering have confirmed three recent upgrades and extended the manufacturer’s warranty on their full range of portable bowsers.

Both the companies portable Diesel and Adblue bowsers are now equipped with a better fitting lid for improved fuel retention. New users will also benefit from an improved brass, higher flow breather on all tanks, as well as improved nozzle locks on the Techneat Low Profile, 220l Diesel and Adblue models.

“We now offer tank sizes in 100l – 440l capacities across all our Diesel and Adblue models including our range of low profile bowsers designed for the back of pick up trucks. All are moulded from strong, robust polyethylene and come complete with a 12v 30l/minute pump. All Techneat bowsers come with handles at both ends for easy lifting, a manual nozzle and a 5m delivery hose as standard. Auto-nozzles, extended hoses and a flow meter are available as additional options” confirms Techneat Rota Moulding Product Manager, Jamie MacDonald.

“For additional customer support we have also extended our warranty on all new bowsers from 12 – 24 months. Prices start from just £418.80 for the 100l diesel bowser” he adds.


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