New variable chamber baler with film binding

  • KUHN’s new VBP 3165 now features a twin-reel film binding system like that of the brand’s popular fixed chamber balers
  • This enables the flexibility of a variable chamber baler to be coupled with the improved INTELLIWRAP system that only uses a 750mm film wrap to reduce costs and save time

Unlike some machines that use a 1.2 metre roll, the VBP 3165 uses two 750mm rolls. KUHN’s patented duck-bill film applicator optimises the use of film binding which helps to reduce the amount of film needed, saving operators up to 37% compared to a traditional wrapping system.

At 25 kilos, with a waist-height mounting point, the rolls are also much easier to handle and change. The 750mm width also makes the rolls easier to store. “This will save contractors and farmers time in the field and make ordering easier. There is space on board to store 10 rolls of film, meaning the operator can carry more than sufficient for a day’s work,” explains KUHN’s baler specialist, Thomas Ferrand.

Unlike a fixed chamber baler, the VBP 3165 can be used for different forages in a variety of conditions. This is of particular use in wet conditions where the chamber can adjust to account for changes in weight and forage type. “This provides operators with an option to work in poorer conditions and still lock in the nutritional value to make best use of forage,” he adds.

The VBP 3165 creates a tighter, more compact bale with better protection around the circumference of the bale. This oxygen barrier helps improve bale quality resulting in a bale with a higher nutritional value. The shape of the bale has also been adjusted to make it easier to handle and store.

By using one type of binding method, no separation of film and net is required when feeding, which reduces the time and also means all the film can be recycled uniformly. “The bales are also easier to unwrap, even during frost periods, because silage does not collect between the film. This means that no feed is lost when the forage is unwrapped,” he says.

By combining the flexibility of a variable chamber machine with film-on-film binding, KUHN has created a faster, more economical baler that will have particular appeal to contractors. “For those looking to create a more nutritious bale in a variety of conditions, the VBP 3165 is an excellent combination of simplicity and economy that will improve bale quality and reduce film cost,” concludes Mr Ferrand.