Next generation combine unveiled

  • In a major development in high-capacity harvesting, New Holland Agriculture is previewing the new CR11 at Agritechnica 2023, incorporating new cutting-edge technologies that will help drive down the total cost of harvesting for large grain farmers, and increase their bottom-line profitability

The new combine was designed – and will be produced – at New Holland’s centre of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium. Thanks to the most advanced automation features it will offer new levels of productivity, drive grain loss down close to zero, with best grain quality and perfect residue management.

The new CR11 builds upon the success of the current New Holland flagship combine range, which is topped by the CR10.90, which has held the world record for the most wheat harvested in eight hours – 797.656 tons – for almost a decade, since August 15, 2014.

While we approach the 50th anniversary of the New Holland Twin Rotor™ technology in 2025, the new CR11 will also highlight the advantage of the Twin rotor concept that revolutionized the way farmers harvested and that is now part of New Holland’s DNA. It’s still thanks to the Twin Rotor technology that the new CR can offer the highest productivity at lowest grain crackage on the market.

New Holland has designed the new CR in anticipation of the way in which harvesting demands will continue to evolve, and in response to feedback from customers seeking greater capacity, lower loss and maximum protection of grain quality. Recognizing how higher-yielding crops and unpredictable weather can affect both one season’s crop and

the next, New Holland engineers aimed to design a machine that can play its full part in delivering maximum productivity, and clear fields quickly to ensure quality is protected and the following year’s crop establishment can take place in good time and in good conditions.

More productivity, close to zero losses, better and more efficient residue management and a significant reduction in downtime are the four pillars the CR11 was projected on, with the overall higher objective to reduce the Total Cost of Harvesting to improve the farmer’s bottom line profitability.

Thanks to its 775hp C16 engine, 2x24inch rotors, a graintank of 20.000 liters and a 210l/second unload rate, the CR11 significantly increases productivity to levels that have not been achieved before.

Some features of the new combine will be evident from the machine on display at Agritechnica. The new combine benefits from a completely new design, that combines premium aesthetics with form and functionality. Multiple cab upgrades provide additional benefits in comfort and control.

Also visible, the new 15m (50ft) draper header manufactured by MacDon for New Holland, adds to the overall productivity and field efficiency gains.

Recognizing the trends for reduced ground compaction in combination with transport width regulations, the CR11 offers a range of wider tracks and bigger tyres.

Lars Sorensen, Head of Combines and Headers at New Holland Agriculture said: “Farm consolidation, increased yields and short harvesting windows are driving the need to continue the evolution of combine capacity, with less grain loss and at the best grain quality.

This new combine is a market game-changer designed to offer the next level of productivity, with no comparison to anything available on the market today. This was recognized by the DLG when they assigned to our new CR the most important award for innovations in our industry, the Agritechnica Innovation Gold Medal. In the established range of CR models we already had a design proven in these respects, topped by a model in the CR10.90 that offered the ultimate proof of its claim to provide the highest productivity in the world. We have made further strides in technology and automation, and the strong feedback from the first farmer tests mean we are very excited for the launch of these new machines.”

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