On-farm sugar beet harvester demonstrations

  • Sugar beet growers wanting to see the latest in harvester innovation can now take advantage of free, on-farm demonstrations

Grimme UK has announced that it is repeating last year’s Rexor4U demo tour, giving growers the opportunity to see how the German-made harvester performs alongside their harvester.

The free in-field demonstrations allow prospective purchasers to see how the new Rexor handles their unique conditions.

Grimme launched two new REXOR models at its 2022 Farm Days event: the Rexor 6200 (20-tonne bunker capacity) and the REXOR 6300(30-tonne bunker capacity).

Both models are available with either Walking Share or Oppel Wheel digging units. Grimme’s new header is lighter and features a maintenance-free drive and maintenance-free scalper, which works much more agilely and quickly due to its lower weight. The re-designed header also gives operators an unobstructed view of the seven cleaning rollers, which replaced the previous six rollers to deliver a more powerful and efficient clean.

Grimme UK’s standard specification includes a Combi topper, choice of share and web pitch, standard roller table, three turbines, premium cab, ring elevator, Smart View, and the latest CCI 1200.

Grimme UK’s announcement of free in-field demonstrations complements its fixed price per acre promotion that was introduced at the start of 2024. Contractors can fix their costs for the next four years with a Rexor 6200 available at £120 per hectare, based on a minimum of 1,000 hectares per year, including servicing and replacement wearing metal.

“Last year’s Rexor demonstrations were very popular and gave growers across the UK a chance to see the harvester working in their fields and running alongside their current machinery,” says Tom Howlet, Beet Specialist at Grimme UK. “We think that in-field demonstrations are so much better than looking at a static machine at a show as people get to see the Rexor at work. We had a great deal of interest in the Rexor4U tour last year, and with the introduction of fixed pricing for the next four years, we think there’ll be even more growers inviting us to their farms to put the Rexor through its paces.”

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