Ploeger four-wheeler on its way

Following the successful introduction of the AT4103 LNMS (three-wheeler) and the AT5105 LNMS (five-wheeler), Ploeger recently announced it will soon introduce a four-wheel manure injection machine to the market.

The new machine has been under development for over a year and completes the company’s family of self-propelled manure spreaders. With the introduction of the AT5104 LNMS, Ploeger aims to further expand its position in the market. The company is currently working on a prototype that will be tested this year. The launch will take place at the Agritechnica trade fair in November. Delivery of the initial product series is scheduled for the beginning of 2022.

The machine responds to the demand of a group of customers who are enamoured by the idea of a four-wheeler with a proven mechanical drive, such as the drive used in the three and five-wheeler. Furthermore, the introduction of the AT5104 LNMS with a 22m³ reservoir is a logical addition to the AT4103 LNMS (16 m³) and the AT5105 LNMS (26 m³).

The development of the AT5104 LNMS retains the proven concept of the AT line. The four-wheeler has a mechanical drive that provides maximum power, combined with low fuel consumption. The excellent weight distribution together with the crab steering unit provides low ground pressure per wheel. Furthermore, the machine is highly manoeuvrable due to the mechanical drive and the all-wheel steer. The manure handling system is highly efficient due to the short loading time and the versatile loading arm with Superload. Finally, the machine will be equipped with the same simple and user-friendly operating controls.

From a technical perspective, the new machine consists of well-known components. The power plant is a 405 kW (550 HP) Scania diesel engine. Furthermore, it is equipped with a ZF CVT transmission, Kessler axles and a Claas driving cab. The manure system also consists of well-known components, such as a Börger manure pump, a Vogelsang macerator and a polyester tank.

The Dutch firm Ploeger, the American firm Oxbo and the French firm Bourgoin were all founded during the fifties of the last century. In 2011, the companies were merged to create the Ploeger Oxbo Group (POG). POG maintains 7 plants and 13 service locations throughout the world. The group employs a total of approximately 800 employees. Annual revenues amount to approximately 230 million euros. The POG head office is located in Roosendaal, the Netherlands.

Ploeger, Oxbo and Bourgoin produce a wide range of machines for various agricultural markets. The product range includes harvesters for corn, peas, beans, leafy greens, potatoes, herbs, blueberries, coffee, grapes and olives, self-propelled manure spreaders and silage mergers.


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