Pöttinger includes mechanical crop care machines in its product range

  • Pöttinger now includes mechanical crop care machines in its product range for sustainable, crop-specific and site-specific plant protection
  • With the ROTOCARE rotary hoe and the FLEXCARE row crop cultivator, mechanical plant protection measures can be implemented gently and effectively

Settings on the machine can be adjusted to handle different operating conditions. Using depth control wheels and setting the lower linkage on the tractor to the floating position ensures the best ground tracking. The position of the top link regulates the working intensity by adjusting the pressure on the rotary hoe stars. The driving speed determines the aggressiveness of the process.

The row-independent rotary hoe stars sweep away weeds with their roots in the white thread, germination and one-leaf stage out of the soil and deposit them on the surface. The weeds then dry up. They are overturned and completely covered with earth. Photosynthesis is prevented by the lack of sunlight so that the weeds perish. Another positive effect is encrusted soil is broken up. The rotary hoe pierces the soil surface to produce a crumbling effect. This aerates the soil, improves drainage and promotes nutrient mineralisation.

With working speeds of 10 to 30 kph and working widths of 6.6 m to 12.4 m, maximum output is achieved in a short time. The ROTOCARE machines are engineered for high productivity. This allows farmers to make the most of short, optimal time windows for mechanical weed control.

Settings on the machine can be adjusted to handle different operating conditions. Many of the settings can be made without the need for tools. Different duck foot shares, weeding blades and following tools allow the machine to be optimised to the operating conditions. Various control systems ensure the best working results.

Different row crop cultivation effects can be achieved using FLEXCARE hoeing technology. When the weed is cut right through, the leaves are completely separated from the root system. This stops plant growth as the root system perishes and the leaves dry out. The weed is then overturned and covered with soil so that photosynthesis is prevented due to the lack of sunlight. The vibrating movement of the weeding tools effectively breaks up incrustations.

The FLEXCARE row crop cultivator can handle row widths between 25 and 160 cm. The number of hoe elements can be freely selected depending on the frame width. Each tool carrier can be adapted for up to five hoe elements – choose any configuration. In addition, large scalloped plant protection discs as well as finger hoes can be attached as following tools. With the FLEXCARE row crop cultivator, there is no need for time-consuming measurement and alignment of the weeding tools. A preset hole matrix and indicator scales on each component make it easy to set up all the tools identically.

An integrated hydraulic shift frame is standard and ensures convenient operation. The hydraulically controlled frame greatly reduces driver fatigue while maintaining a high level of precision. By constantly adjusting the frame to the row, plant damage and crop losses are avoided while compensating for planting inaccuracies. A narrow hoeing band is the result.