Pottinger’s new Jumbo 8000 chops forage almost 30 percent shorter

  • High-performance loader wagon goes one step further
  • The loader wagon will be available from 1 August 2022

With the new short chop system the new Jumbo 8000 chops the forage almost 30 percent shorter, which means even higher forage quality without compromising on loading performance. Protected to a torque of 3,500 Nm, the loader wagon can now deliver higher throughput rates than a self-propelled forage harvester.

Chopped lengths of at least 34 mm are possible with loader wagons but with Pottinger’s new drive concept, the rotor and the chopping system with 65 knives has a theoretical chopped length of 25 mm.  The Jumbo 8000 can chop almost 30 percent shorter than before and requires only 15 percent more power.*

The knives are individually protected and can move out of the way of foreign objects. The automatic loading system now features an additional optional sensor on the rotor scraper carrier. This means that up to four sensors (torque on the rotor, hydraulic pressures, material loading, etc.) are used to optimise the loading process. The new sensor system detects the pre-compaction of the forage directly above the rotor and activates the scraper floor before any mechanical damage can occur. As a result, the Jumbo 8000 can always make optimum use of the space inside the loading chamber, regardless of the type of crop.

When harvesting grass silage, every farm manager wants to obtain the highest possible forage quality to increase profits. One of the main factors influencing feed quality is the theoretical chopped length. This is the advantage of the loader wagon with its short chopped length. Short chopped forage can be compacted better, which leads to a faster decrease in pH value. This reduces the risk of fermentation failure and has a positive effect on the stability of the grass silage. On the other hand, it has a positive effect on livestock health and performance. So the new Jumbo delivers a crop with the optimum chopped length, which animals appreciate, Pottinger claims.

Another yield-boosting advantage of a shorter chopped length is the 10 percent higher loading density compared to a loader wagon with a chopped length of 34 mm. The higher payload also adds up to greater cost effectiveness thanks to the higher density.

Shorter chopped material also has a positive effect on compaction in the clamp. Less machinery and operator time is needed to distribute and compact the silage material in the clamp.

Despite the relatively small knife spacing of 25 mm, it is still possible to use the Autocut automatic knife sharpening system. This saves diesel as well as time. Autocut guarantees the knives are always sharp during operation. The power requirement and the fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 20 percent as a result.

Satisfied farm managers from various countries confirm that “The chopped length is ideal for livestock health. In addition to saving costs, this system guarantees the best silage quality.”

* BLT Wieselburg at the HBLFA Francisco Josephinum (Austria),