Production of new Claas Arion 400 range starts in June

BOOSTED with more power and sporting a new design a revamped range of Claas Arion 400 tractors will start production this June but will be available in the UK and Ireland from this autumn.

Thanks to its popularity with 30,000 models sold worldwide, Claas has given the Arion 400 range a makeover to mark the introduction of the Stage V emissions standard.

The series now includes seven models ranging from 90 to 155hp maximum output with CPM in accordance with ECE R120. This means that with CPM, the new flagship model, the Arion 470, delivers a maximum output of up to 155hp and 631Nm maximum torque.

Models are: Arion 410, 90hp; Arion 420, 100hp; Arion 430, 115hp; Arion 440, 125hp (with CPM); Arion 450, 135hp (with CPM); Arion 460, 145hp (with CPM) and Arion 470, 155hp (with CPM).

All models from the smallest Arion 410 right up to the most powerful Arion 470 are equipped with 4.5l four-cylinder Fiat Powertrain engines which incorporate the latest four-valve technology and turbochargers with intercooling. Turbochargers from the Arion 430 upwards are also fitted with a wastegate.

The Stage V aftertreatment system cleans the exhaust gases using an effective combination of SCRoF technology (Selected Catalytic Reduction on Filter) and a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC). This means that the engines not only run cleanly, but are still highly efficient, with low diesel and low AdBlue consumption.

A fuel tank with a capacity of 140 to 190l is enough for long working days, while the 17 to 22l AdBlue tank needs refilling only with every second refuelling.

From the Arion 430 upwards, purchasers will have the choice between the 16×16 Quadrishift or 24×24 Hexashift powershift transmissions. The Revershift clutchless reverser enables easy direction changing using the shuttle lever on the steering wheel console and optionally also via the multifunction control lever on the right-hand armrest, particularly handy for front loader work.

Smart Stop is another convenient function designed to lighten the workload as it enables the transmission to be automatically disengaged when the brake is pressed, and is re-engaged when the brake pedal is released.

Arion 410 and 420 models have a wheelbase of 2.49m while the rest are a bit longer at 2.53m.

The gross vehicle weight has now been increased to nine tonnes, permitting payloads of up to 3.8 tonnes. The new optional load sensing pump delivers a 150l/min hydraulic output, which is enough to meet the most demanding consumers. Even at a fuel-saving 1600 rpm, it delivers an output of 110l/min. This makes four pump options available in total from two open-centre hydraulic circuits delivering 60 and 100l/min via a load sensing hydraulic system with an output of 110l/min. Both load sensing versions also offer increased lift capacity at the rear of 6.25 tonnes.

The fully integrated front linkage and factory-fitted front loaders are also a major plus point. Both can be conveniently controlled by the multifunction control lever, with the option of controlling the front loader by Electropilot (CIS or CIS+) or Flexpilot.