ROPA extends its product range by adding a two-row trailed potato harvester with double bunker

ROPA has added a two-row trailed potato harvester with double bunker to its range of harvesters.  Small-sized potatoes are sorted out by the grader rollers on the picking conveyor into the divided bunker segment, loaded separately on trailers or in boxes and can be sold during harvest time, e.g. as baby potatoes. It saves storage capacity and at the same time offers advantages in terms of ventilation and storability of normal crop.

Four grader rollers, steplessly adjustable in the range of 25 – 40 mm, perform separation directly after the picking conveyor. The ergonomically designed sorting platform provides enough place for comfortable working of up to 8 operators.

The 8.5 t bunker, divided in a ratio of 3 to 1, has separate filling slides and an automatic filling function for the main bunker. Both bunkers can be emptied separately from each other. The overloading height of 4.20 metres also enables efficient filling of large trucks and boxes on trailers which makes handling operations easier. For even more gentle handling of potatoes the Keiler 2 Classic can be equipped with a hydraulically foldable tray filler with rubber baffles.


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