ROPA haulm topper KS 475 – harvest potatoes haulm-free for higher yield

ROPA gas expanded its product range with a 4-row haulm topper designed to prepare the crop for harvesting. The ROPA haulm topper can minimise or avoid the use of pesticides for haulm control. The potato haulm is chopped safely and efficiently. Thus, the harvesting becomes easier and the skin firmness of the potato is enhanced. The chopped potato haulm is deposited between the ridges.

Other advantages of the ROPA haulm topper include a reduced risk of blockage at the lifting unit and increased throughput. An optional longitudinal drive unit including road lighting ensures that the tractor-topper combination travels safely outside the fields. Currently, the ROPA haulm topper KS 475 is available in the variant with 4 rows and a row distance of 75 or 80 cm as well as optional drawbar.

The newly designed shaft of the ROPA haulm topper is equipped with 92 tools, which are perfectly positioned to match the ridge. Thanks to the strong suction effect the potato haulm lying on the ground or folded is grasped and chopped as well. The haulm residues are mechanically crushed thanks to the counter blades which come as standard equipment. Row distance can be changed between 75 and 80 cm by moving the flails and the screw-in plates. Generously dimensioned maintenance and cleaning flaps offer excellent accessibility for inspection and service.

The haulm topper is attached to the three-point suspension of the tractor. As standard the ROPA haulm topper 475 can be mounted both at the front and rear. A wide-angle cardan shaft is provided for both types of coupling. The haulm topper can be easily adjusted in height via spindles on the support wheels and the three-point attachment depending on the required stem length.

It is easy to pull, so it fits perfectly to a 50 kW tractor. Depending on the use, the PTO speed (540, 750 or 1000) can be set individually. Further conversion or speed change can also be easily carried out by changing the pulleys of the drive.

Just like the potato harvesters ROPA Keiler, the new ROPA haulm topper is produced with the time-proven and highly valued ROPA quality. Decades of experience and know-how in mechanical engineering in general and in sugar beet technology in particular contributed to its design and construction. All these features result in a high quality product, with a long service life and excellent work results.


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