ROPA is focusing on further growth in the potato market

The potato harvester Keiler II Classic with 2 separation units and a large sorting platform has been very well received by potato farmers since its market launch.

For the 2020 harvest season, ROPA has equipped Keilers II Classic with XL bunkers on a trial basis, these will be available as a standard equipment for the 2021 harvest season. This innovation allows farmers to use the machine to its fullest capacity while ensuring maximum protection of the crop. Further new functions are also available as standard and optional equipment for the new harvest season 2021.

A load-dependent pintle automatic function in connection with the sieve conveyor automatic system for blockage-free harvesting at maximum capacity is now optionally available in all Keiler 2 models. The combination of travel speed-controlled sieve conveyor automatic system and load-dependent pintle automatic function allows to use the advantages of both control types and contributes further to automation and ease of operation. Thus, the machine can work even more effectively at full capacity and provide increased harvesting efficiency. This combination makes the system unique.

Furthermore, for the 2021 season ROPA offers an optional scale for Keiler 2 and Keiler 2 Classic. This system consists of 6 force sensing bolts on the bunker suspension and is fully integrated into the machine electronics. The weighing is carried out automatically when the bunker is raised. With this system a farmer is able to determine yields per hectare directly on the field and to load transport vehicles optimally without exceeding the legal limits.

With the optionally available, even larger 1200 Terminal, the new weighing system can be displayed and operated via the ROPA ISOBUS mask simultaneously with the usual operation.

The Keiler II Classic, like all models, is fully hydraulically driven and comes with the ISOBUS control unit as standard equipment. The quick-change frame for the pickup is also integrated as standard equipment, so that this machine can be used for high-performance, gentle harvesting of onions and other special crops thanks to the reduced cleaning units. The telescopic axle is also integrated to allow extension up to 3 m when starting in a field and up to 3.5 m to ensure high stability during harvesting.

With this model, ROPA also anticipates a significant growth worldwide, so that the Keiler population of currently over 520 machines delivered will increase greatly.





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