ROPA presents the new Maus 6 loader with a significantly larger cabin and a premium-class networked workplace

  • The new ROPA Maus 6 is more than the fusion of the visionary developments of the Tiger 6S and Panther 2S with the proven, robust and durable components of the Maus 5
  • The new premium model from the technology leader in the beet harvesting combines field-proven technical solutions with the modern design.

The new Ropa Maus 6 has a 10.2 m wide pickup system combined with the most recent technical innovations from the ROPA House.

The light-blue line represents the networking of the Maus internally and externally with the myROPA online portal and R-Connect. A new generation of extremely high-performance computers forms the centre for telematics, predictive analytics and online diagnostics, just like in the Tiger 6S. The machine software for the new Maus 6 is completely developed at ROPA in Sittelsdorf and offers a number of new useful functions.

The newly designed panoramic cabin gives a generous feeling of space and can be raised to 5.10 m in the working mode for convenient operation and excellent visibility. Compared to the Maus 5, the cabin is 16 cm wider, 40 cm longer and, with an enormous total volume of 4,400 l, offers 1,125 l or 35 percent more space and room than that of the ROPA Maus 5.

The integrated storage space in the rear wall of the cabin has also been significantly increased. A pleasant and user-friendly interior of the new cabin in combination with the excellent sound insulation guarantees the most comfortable operation. Extremely powerful fully LED working lights turn night into day and make operation even safer. A DAB radio with Bluetooth and hands-free set are installed as standard.

The heating concept has been completely redeveloped to ensure a pleasantly warm workplace even in frosty weather with temperatures below freezing. A high-performance underfloor heating system ensures that your feet are always warm. In addition, pipes with larger cross-section were used to increase the flow rate of hot water to the cabin and to the air heat exchanger.

The driver’s rotating seat with integrated seat ventilation and seat heating is the visual manifestation of leadership in technology and the breakthrough into a new era of networking in the harvest loading. Improved ergonomics thanks to two new joysticks with additional functions, a height-adjustable steering column and terminals perfectly positioned in line of sight. Additional operating terminals for beet logistics can be installed next to the ROPA terminals at an optimum viewing angle.

Operation at the terminal with interactive buttons highlighted by the clear colour composition on the modern flat design is even more intuitive and has the same logic as tablets and smartphones. Intentionally used contrasts improve legibility and usability. Compared to the previous model, the Maus 6 has two 12.1 inch operating terminals positioned one above the other with higher pixel density resulting in even sharper resolution. In addition to the machine functions, the camera images in significantly better quality can also be displayed on one of the terminals.

The Maus 6 has high-resolution digital cameras as standard. The image quality of the digital cameras is significantly better, and an additional Ethernet network is integrated into the machine to handle the resulting greatly increased volumes of data.

ROPA has also completely redesigned the belt scale system and integrated a weighing frame into the truck conveyor articulation part by means of a new mechanical construction. Two CAN-Bus weighing cells communicate directly with the computer module in the central electrical system. In this way, there is no need for separate computers and many cables at the truck conveyor, which contributes to increased operational safety. The new scale provides a higher accuracy compared to the previous one.

Compact on the road – minimum time for preparation

For road drive, the complete Maus 6 folds in automatically to a road width of 3 m and a total length of only 14.97 m with just one operating element in the cabin – unique between all the loaders! The large wheel base of 5.5 m combined with two hydraulically sprung additional axles guarantees safe handling of the sturdily constructed loader while maintaining the best driving comfort even at the speed of 40 km/h. The new intelligent main steering switch activates simultaneously the automatic centre positioning of the rear axle steering.

Efficient hydraulic system enables rotational speed reduction

The hydraulic system with optimised gear/revolution transmission provides efficient power transfer. It combines high throughput with very low fuel consumption at very quiet 1,200 rpm during loading. Powerful load-sensing hydraulic system ensures the highest possible hydraulic fluid capacity and a prompt response of the entire operating hydraulics even at idling speed. Another new feature is the automotive mode for diesel engine speed control during loading. It contributes to fuel saving, as the lowest possible engine speed is automatically set according to the speed specifications of 6 separate roller and sieve conveyor drives.

Many new convenient and useful details

Numerous new developments and optimised features offer additional benefits and comfort for drivers of the Maus 6. For example, the complete equipment with even more powerful LED headlights, direction indicators and rotating beacons, optimised layout of the water spray system. A new design of the entire electrical system and optimised hydraulic system for increased operational safety and ease of service.

The sales and series production of the Maus 6 will start for the 2022 harvest season. Pre-production models are already in operation for this year’s sugar-beet campaign. Particularly with the more powerful on-board electronic system and the far-reaching networking, ROPA sees the potential for even faster and optimised development of driver assistance systems. The drivers enjoy a feeling of space and comfort when loading beets with this new premium class cleaner-loader.