Safer tanker mounted dribble bar systems

  • Tramspread has launched a range of tanker applicators that reduce the weight stress on the rear door for safer slurry spreading
  • The Suffolk Range of dribble bar applicators use similar technology to the company’s umbilical systems but are attached to a tanker with a unique mount method

Terry Baker, Tramspread’s Managing Director, explains:

“The clamping on tanker doors can often fail due to the stress of large booms being mounted on fixings attached to the doors. To avoid environmentally costly tanker failures, Tramspread welds fixing points on the rear of the tanker that the boom framework attaches to using telescopic arms. This balances the load more safely and also makes the booms more stable.”

Using the Tramspread framework and fixing method, larger booms can be fitted to smaller tankers, without significant modifications, to speed up application rate and improve accuracy. The design also creates additional space to enable a flow meter to be incorporated into the application system.

“Operators can apply more accurately by testing slurry and using a slurry meter. Tramspread’s Suffolk Range tanker booms can also be used with third party systems such as John Deere’s HarvestLab because the frame provides enough space to integrate the technology into the application system,” he says.

Suffolk Range tanker booms benefit from Vogelsang ECQ macerators and are available in working widths of 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9, 10 and 10.5 metres. All models feature hydraulic vertically folding booms that include auto transport latches with safety pins.