Season brings a bunch of innovative new products from grassland specialist

  • For the new season, grassland specialist Pöttinger has a colourful range of interesting and innovative new products

Pottinger’s new Novacat F front mowers enable smooth and cost effective mowing. The mowers are available with working widths of 2.62 m or 3.04 m.

The company has also launched a new technology featuring automatic curved side shifting on the Novacat F 3100.  This side shift system on the front mower guarantees a perfect overlap with the rear mower and ensures the tractor drives along a clear track free of forage when cornering and working on steep ground. The curved movement means that the entire working width of the cutter bar can be used and the effective width of the mower combination maximized. Systems with straight-line side shift leave several centimetres uncovered.

Pöttinger is launching the new NOVACAT H mower combinations confident they will deliver impressively high output while saving on fuel consumption. The Novacat  H 9500 with a working width of 9.46 m and Novocat H 11200 with a working width of 11.14 m set new standards in modern grassland farming.

There have been a lot of updates to Pottinger’s mower range.  The Eurocat F front mowers offers particularly smooth running and cost effective solutions. The working widths on the new models are 2.70 m and 3.05 m.

Regardless of whether tedding silage or hay, the HIT V 4240 ALPIN with 4 rotors and the Hit V 6260 with 6 rotors enable uniform and gentle wilting and drying of the crop. This is especially important for high-quality forage that preserves all the nutrients.

Pöttinger is setting new standards with the launch of the new Top VT 6820 S and Top VT 7620 S twin rotor rakes with side swath placement. Despite their low power requirement, the new rakes are designed to rake large swaths and deliver the best results. The Top VT 6820 S achieves a working width of 6.80 m, while on the TOP VT 7620 it’s an impressive 7.60 m.

Pottinger is also extending its range of four-rotor rakes with the new Top VT 12540 C, which features an impressively compact design and great manoeuvrability. Thanks to its low weight, this rake can also be used safely on steep ground without compromising on performance.

The Jumbo sees Pöttinger offer a high-performance loader wagon with maximum output, high efficiency, outstanding reliability and the highest level of operating convenience. To meet a wide range of expectations in the field, the high performance Jumbo MBO series has been extended. Introducing the Jumbo 7000 and 8000’s younger sibling,  a compact loader wagon with proven technology.

The Jumbo 5000 is available in six new models ranging in DIN capacity between 32 and 54 m3. This loader wagon combines all the key performance features in just one machine and is an all-rounder that covers many application scenarios.

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