Second generation grassland rejuvenator set for LAMMA debut

  • A unique, heavy-duty one-of-a-kind machine, which now features more versatility and refinement
  • New features include a gyroscopic headstock, redesigned ripper paddles and a new freewheeling ‘revolving scraper’
  • It now comes finished in black styling, with 35% galvanised componentry, flotation tyres, mudguards and LED lights
  • It has the capability to handle all sizes of seed, from fine seeds as low as 1kg/ha to grass seed at up to 80kg/ha
  • In the correct conditions, these machines can achieve output rates of up to sixteen acres per hour

The new second generation Alstrong Auctus one pass rejuvenation machine will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the LAMMA show (Hall 19 Stand 19.644) on 10th & 11th January 2023, NEC, Birmingham.

This hugely versatile machine is designed to sow seed into ploughed ground, burn-off swards or into existing pasture in a one pass solution. It will be showcased on the stand alongside the company’s proven trailed aerator.

The Irish manufacturer has said that the revised design coupled with several new features have hugely increased the versatility of the machine. The second generation also encompasses a completely new styling.

New features include a redesigned headstock, modified ripper paddles and a new freewheeling ‘revolving scraper’. The unit has the capability to handle all sizes of seed, from sowing fine seed from as low as 1kg/ha to grass seed at up to 80kg/ha.

The latest generation machine is now attached to the tractor via a new two-point linkage gyroscopic system. This has replaced the outgoing straight draw bar which was attached via the pick-up hitch. Now a standard feature, this new gyroscopic drawbar system is a huge step up, making the machine far more manoeuvrable. Offering up to 90 degrees movement in each direction, it also improves the machines ground following ability. The new design means users can freely swap the machine from tractor to tractor, regardless of tyre size, and simply adjust the height of the lift arms.

To increase versatility, the tips of the sprung levelling boards have been completely redesigned, and now offer a more ripping, aggressive affect when necessary. The angled tips are made from 8mm Hardox and are designed to scarify and scratch the surface, breaking and removing dead material, opening the sward for soil-seed contact.

Spread across two rows, the eleven sprung paddles are hydraulically adjustable on the move and are braced, helping to distribute the load. This new design vastly increases the flexibility of the machine, allowing it to perform successfully in even tougher conditions.

A spiked drum roller designed to repair poached soil and surface damage follows the ripper paddles. The drum is fitted with 60, 80mm blades which cut the ground 14 times per square metre, equating to 56,664 cuts per acre. This aerates the root zone, allowing air and water to penetrate faster, encouraging growth. If more weight and downward force is required, the drum can be filled with water. This increases the unit’s dry weight from 4.5t to 5.3t, adding an additional 800kg.

The aeration roller runs on the surface. To avoid soil sticking to it in sticky conditions, Alstrong have now introduced the new revolving scraper. This free-wheeling scraper roller is engineered to run close to the drum and in between the spikes, removing any debris before it gets an opportunity to build accumulate.

The two rows of hydraulically controlled tines have been increased in diameter from 11mm to 12mm. These are designed to stimulate and further condition the sward, and the heavier tine will offer even more bite. These can also be adjusted on the move, from the cab. This is followed by a 560mm self-cleaning prismatic roller which covers the seed and consolidates the seedbed.

The seeding unit now features a smart motor which has a built-in encoder. This relays real time information from the motor to the control box. Regardless of the application rate, the motor always runs at 100% torque for absolute metering precision.

Seed rate can be altered on the move via the in-cab control unit, which also displays a live groundspeed reading, a hopper low level warning and records acreage.

All second-generation machines now come from the factory finished in black styling and fitted with 35% galvanised componentry. Other standard specifications include flotation tyres, mudguards and new automotive style LED transport and work lighting. Air brake kits are available. The unit is available in a mounted (M) or trailed (T) version. Alstrong Ltd will be on stand 19.644 at LAMMA 2023, and are actively looking for dealers throughout the UK.

“When designing the Auctus, we set out to build a unique, heavy-duty one of a kind seeding machine. With our second-generation design, we have listened to our customers and gone one step further, adding even more versatility and refinement”, explained company Director, Alan Winters.

“You can go from a tilling and sowing a ploughed field in one pass to carrying out a zero-till reseed on burnt off ground to a rejuvenation job without having to change any settings, aside from adjusting the aggressiveness of the paddles and tines from the tractor cab. In the correct conditions, these machines can achieve output rates of up to sixteen acres per hour. We are really excited to launch our second-generation machine at LAMMA”, he concluded.