Secure your parts asap

  • Farmers are being urged to secure their wearing parts for this autumn and next spring as soon as possible, or risk not being able to obtain the metal they need

That is the message from Bourgault Tillage Tools, which believes it will be able to meet all the demands of customers.

“At this summer’s events we have been answering a lot of questions about parts supply – it’s clearly an issue at the front of farmers’ minds”, says Ian Clayton-Bailey, Managing Director of BTT UK Ltd.

“The disruption to global business caused by a combination of the Covid epidemic; the war in Ukraine and steepling raw material prices all affect supplies, with transport costs rising all the time too.

“While we still face the same challenges regarding things like transport costs as our competitors, we don’t have the risks of lack of supply issues that other companies could face this summer and autumn.

“In contrast, all Bourgault parts come from the company’s foundry at St Briaux, Saskatchewan in central Canada.

“We already hold a healthy stock of all key wearing parts at our UK headquarters at Thorney, Lincolnshire, so are well set for this autumn.

“In addition we have further supplies due to arrive during the summer, which will secure our supplies right through to next spring”, he says.

He suggests farmers need to understand where their parts are coming from and seek assurances from their current suppliers regarding long term availability.

“All suppliers face a range of challenges this autumn – not least the cost of raw materials, energy and shipping.

“While we face those too, we do not have the same supply pressure or uncertainty that those awaiting deliveries from manufacturers in China, India and eastern Europe”.