SILOKING SelfLine Feed mixers – Straw chopper saves time and feed costs

Straw, as a valuable and sometimes expensive fodder, is increasingly used in mixed rations, either because of its structural effectiveness or because of fodder shortages. To avoid selection during feed intake, straw must be cut short and mixed well.  Long straw can be used in the feed mixer before and during mixing of the actual ration, but this takes some time to be cut properly.

For fast cutting of larger quantities of straw in the ration, SILOKING now offers the straw chopper version for the SelfLine 300+ / 500+ and 1000+ models.

The hydraulically driven straw chopper is mounted directly behind the milling head and extends over the full width of the loading chute. In chopping mode, the flow of forage is diverted to the straw chopper by a flap that swivels into the milling channel. The rapidly rotating chopper blades beat the straw through the counter blades and feed it back, chopped into small pieces, onto the loading conveyor belt, which then transports it into the mixer. The straw chopper is operated conveniently at the touch of a button from the multifunction armrest in the cab.

Mixing in of the precisely cut straw can be better dosed, it considerably reduces fodder losses through selection, saves time during loading and reduces diesel consumption through shorter mixing times.



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