Smart technology for all production systems at Agritechnica

  • John Deere has unveiled a new booth concept at Agritechnica 2023, the next step in its journey to becoming a smart industrial company

For the first time since announcing its new strategy, John Deere will present all the technological solutions that are important to both arable and livestock farmers. Focusing on the main European production systems – dairy, livestock and small grains – the stand will also showcase accessories produced by other manufacturers such as Lemken, Xarvio and Yara. By featuring other brands on its stand, John Deere hopes to make farmers who own mixed fleets and use diverse technology feel welcome and included.

John Deere’s Farm Smart, Profit More motto means the company offers the best practical solutions and products throughout the production cycle, from harvest to harvest.  Data collected during each stage is used to increase yield while reducing the use of crop protection products and fertiliser. The John Deere Operations CenterTM processes this data to optimise production for farmers, consultants and other participants.

John Deere offers technology for each step of the production cycle, from organic fertilising, drilling, mowing and harvesting, to feeding cows.  AutoPathTM and HarvestLabTM are the main technologies from John Deere for dairy and livestock farmers. The HarvestLabTM sensor enables perfect organic fertilisation through manure sensing. Pre-seeding, a strip of organic fertiliser can be applied to the ground using strip tillage technology. AutoPathTM enables precise placement of seeds on the fertiliser strip during the drilling process. See & SprayTM technology offers huge potential savings by minimising the amount of chemicals required.

From the initial soil sample, all the way through cultivation, drilling, crop protection and fertilising, and finally to harvesting, John Deere will demonstrate technological innovations for the optimisation of each production step at Agritechnica 2023. For example, grain sensing measures crop quality while you’re harvesting. Measuring the oil and protein content enables quality tracing in real-time from the combine while harvesting. The recorded data creates variable rate maps that help reduce fertiliser use.

Many farms are using mixed machine fleets and multiple digital solutions. It is important to John Deere that data from the John Deere Operations CenterTM can be easily integrated and exchanged. That’s why John Deere creates new and extended partnerships. Partners including Xarvio and Yara will be featured in the production systems at Agritechnica. John Deere is not only open to other digital interfaces but also to other manufacturers. For the first time, tools and machines from other companies such as Joskin and Lemken will be displayed in the John Deere production systems at Agritechnica.

The connectivity of John Deere machines and their groundbreaking technical solutions relies on a proper service. Through Connected SupportTM, operations managers and dealers can easily connect themselves to a machine whenever necessary. Mandatory maintenance and disruptions can be detected early and prior to a possible breakdown. This reduces downtime and increases the running time of John Deere machines. The dealers have a key function because they are the connection between John Deere and its customers. Therefore, the dealers will be located at the centre of Agritechnica 2023. Customers will be able to meet with their direct contact person on site to find individual solutions for the production system on their farm.

A direct exchange with fellow professionals will be possible at the John Deere booth. German farmer Stefan Vogelsang will be present to demonstrate how he has met the requirements of the European Farm to Fork regulations using John Deere technology. Other farmers will be also available at the booth to discuss the current challenges facing the agricultural industry.

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