Split width variable rate slurry spreader wins Agritechnica Innovation Silver medal

  • Zunhammers ECO-Duo Vario twin pump system enables split width variable rate applications.

With the increasing working width of liquid manure application booms, which are becoming ever larger, precision fertilisation is made difficult due to the fact that the output quantity is not variable and is the same over the entire width of the boom.

In a further development of the familiar use of two pumps, the output quantity can be regulated independently for each half of the spreader in Zunhammer’s ECO-Duo Vario system, something that is entirely new. This enables the accuracy of precision fertilisation to be doubled, which is particularly important with large working widths. Shutting off partial widths does not lead to a change in the output quantity in the other partial widths, as the pump rotational speed is adjusted in this system.

Zunhammer’s ECO-Duo Vario system therefore represents a significant further development in the area of liquid manure spreading technology.

An Agritechnica Innovation Silver medal is conferred on an innovation for an existing product such that a significant improvement in functionality and process is achieved. The product does not fully meet the criteria for the award of an Innovation Gold Medal. Key criteria include:

  • Relevance at farm level
  • Work load reduction and enhanced work quality
  • Improved reliability

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