Steyr® tractors now available with central tire inflation system

  • STEYR® tractors from Profi to Terrus CVT now available with central tire pressure control system
  • Provides effective soil protection through ability to quickly alter pressures between road and field
  • Tractors delivered to dealers with complete third-party solution installed
  • New intuitive operator interface exclusive for STEYR customers
  • Usage brings definitive fuel savings

STEYR® now offers an effective system for greater soil protection through variable tire pressures, enabling significant savings to be made in fuel consumption. At the point the customer orders the tractor via their STEYR dealer, it can be specified ready from the factory for installation of the Terra Care central tire inflation system (CTIS). This allows the CTIS package to then be easily installed by the third-party supplier after the tractor has been delivered to the STEYR dealer.

The new tire pressure control system, which is now available for STEYR tractor ranges from the Profi to the Terrus CVT – a power bracket covering 115-300hp – offers a number of distinct advantages. All technical components of STEYR CTIS were optimized to perfectly fit the respective STEYR model. In addition, a new intuitive operator interface, which is available for ISOBUS, was developed and customized exclusively for STEYR operators together with the manufacturer of the tire inflation system. At the customer’s request a long-term Austrian STEYR partner is handling the installation, contributing the knowledge to carry out the assembly to the highest quality standards.

A single control unit regulates the tire pressures on the tractor’s front and rear axles and all tires on an attached implement. This means the reduced soil impact from the tractor’s regulated tire pressures is not then spoiled by damage from the tires of the trailed machine. The system can also be retrofitted to any number of trailers and trailed machines.

Studies at the South Westphalia University of Applied Sciences have shown that with an annual diesel consumption of € 20,000, a tire pressure control system can result in savings of up to € 2,000. At the same time, the soil is protected from compaction.

All steel used in the system’s construction is stainless, while a single air hose means there is no risk of condensation or frost damage. Tire inflation and deflation is possible at all speeds, and the system can be manually deactivated. An optional high-capacity air compressor with storage can be specified for customers seeking minimal inflation time.

The stainless-steel lines on the axles are sealed with silicon carbide washers, ensuring maximum service life from the wear-free and maintenance-free pivot bearings. Mechanical slope compensation is standard with trailer control, but an automatic system is available on request.

“In conjunction with our specialist partners, we are proud to be able to offer our customers an efficient post-manufacturing solution for all high-horse-power tractors before delivery to the dealer,” says Christian Huber, Vice President Global Product Management for STEYR Traktoren and Managing Director CNH Industrial Austria GmbH.

“It is an example of our approach to create “win-win situations” – and this is achieved perfectly here through greater soil protection while at the same time saving fuel.”