Telematics and remote diagnostics for tractors is now a reality

  • Argo and Actia have collaborated to develop technological strategies and content such as supplying remote diagnostics and telematics for tractors
  • Using the Landini and McCormick Fleet Management web portals the fleet manager can access information via the cloud about the fleet, check the operating status of tractors and access vital performance details

Argo Tractors, a family-run multinational leader in the design and manufacturing of the McCormick brand and Actia, market leader in the diagnostic and on-board electronics sector supplying the automotive industry, have collaborated in the implementation of telematics and remote diagnostics for tractors, developing technological strategies and contents pursuing more innovative and sustainable agriculture.

Thanks to the custom-built TGU-R telematic control unit, and the use of the “Landini Fleet management” and “McCormick Fleet Management” web portals developed in collaboration with Actia, the fleet manager can access information, in a secure server via the cloud, regarding the agricultural machinery fleet in order to check the operating status of the tractors and access vital information on the activities and performance of vehicles. This is all achieved thanks to the real-time management of certain key parameters including geolocations, consumptions, levels, temperatures and work sessions.

It is possible to analyse the collected data to optimise management costs and boost productivity: daily statistics on vehicle consumptions per tractor, type of operation, operator, field, crop and idle time analyses.

The telematic portal allows the monitoring of data and provide first level remote diagnostic support; with a confirmation from the operator the technician can remotely operate a diagnosis on tractor’s electronic unit. This fast connection help reducing downtime and increase the first time fix ratio. The monitoring of this data also helps the fleet manager and the dealer to better predict servicing schedules, meaning a more efficient planning of maintenance schedules.

These solutions are the fruit of Actia’s experience in telematics and remote diagnostics, and allow Argo Tractors to reap the benefits of the convergence of these two worlds and transfer added technological value to its tractors.

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