Telescopic tractor loader wins Agritechnica Innovation Silver Medal

  • Stolls teleloader gives that extra bit of reach

Who isn’t familiar with the problem when working with front loaders? Often, the last few inches of range are lacking just at the crucial point in time – especially on the 4-cylinder tractors that are popular in front loader work.

The new teleloader from Stoll is equipped with a telescopic swing arm and an ‘extensible joint’. With the design size for 4-cylinder medium class tractors, the swing arm can be extended 0.7 meter. In combination with the extensible joint, this enables the horizontal range to be increased by 1 meter and the lifting height by as much as 1.5 meter. The front loader should therefore prove particularly interesting for handling round and square bales on farms that do not have sufficient work for a telehandler. However, it is also suitable for all other work. The electrohydraulic actuation of the front loader can be used to implement safety functions. These include, for example, automatic shut-off of the master cylinders in the event of excessively heavy loads when the swing arm is extended. The joint additionally means that the front loader is movable, which can help to improve visibility while driving, amongst other aspects.

By adopting the telescoping function, Stoll has therefore significantly evolved front loader technology with major benefits for practical use.

An Agritechnica Innovation Silver medal is conferred on an innovation for an existing product such that a significant improvement in functionality and process is achieved. The product does not fully meet the criteria for the award of an Innovation Gold Medal. Key criteria include:

  • Relevance at farm level
  • Work load reduction and enhanced work quality
  • Improved reliability

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