TGB Blade 600SL lands in the UK

  •  New stocks of the high-specification TGB Blade 600SL have now landed in the UK, ready to satisfy demand from riders seeking a mid-range, sensibly-priced utility ATV for work and play

While the popular TGB is specifically designed for tackling harsh off-road riding conditions, its light and nimble attributes make it a breeze to manoeuvre quickly and easily around the farm or small holding. It also falls into the T3 homologation category, which means it can be registered for on-road use.

The Blade 600SL is powered by a torquey 561cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine and equipped with electronic fuel injection and three-stage electronic power steering. It also features selectable two and four-wheel drive through an automatic CVT transmission.

A padded seat and all-round suspension provide all-day riding comfort. Handguards and tough, wide mudguards offer the rider protection. Features such as a useful and sturdy rear rack, together with 850kg unbraked towing capacity, and 320mm ground clearance, make light work of transporting heavy and bulky loads.

The go-anywhere TGB Blade 600SL is priced at just £6,665.83, plus VAT, providing a top-value package, ready to cope with the rigours of daily utility use. TGB is the only utility ATV brand in the UK to offer an unrivalled five-year manufacturer limited warranty as standard.