TGB warranty inspires confidence

  • Taiwanese brand TGB ATV’s prove popular with agricultural and utility workers
  • The ATV’s are seen as reasonably priced and of a high quality
  • A five-year manufacturer’s warranty is included as standard with TGB models

TGB ATVs are proving to be a hit with demanding agricultural and utility workers who have become reliant upon the high-quality and sensibly-priced Taiwanese brand to help them tackle their daily chores.

Introduced at the beginning of 2020, a confidence-inspiring five-year manufacturer’s warranty is included as standard with TGB models. According to Merthyr Tydfil-based Marsh MX – one of the UK’s largest ATV retailers, the initiative has impressed many new and returning buyers.

“We sell many of the major brands of agricultural ATV,” said proprietor Gareth Marsh. Since taking on TGB some five years ago, the sales have literally trebled. It has been unbelievable. We are generally busy as we have an extensive range of off-road products, but what we are finding is that, once our customers are aware of the warranty, they immediately view the TGB machines in a new light. They believe that if the manufacturer has such strength of conviction in its products, they must be good quality. The warranty has definitely made the brand stronger.”

“The fact that the TGBs can be ridden away on a car licence, coupled with a very reasonable price point, also makes them popular.”

The TGB range covers capacities from 503cc to 997cc, with prices from just £4,749.00 plus VAT for the best-selling TGB Blade 520SL through to a value-packed £9,082.00 plus VAT for the range-topping TGB Blade 1000LTX. There are plenty of options in between to suit different demands and budgets.

The TGB model line-up includes the Blade 520SL, Blade 520SL EPS, Blade 600SL, Landmaster 600, Target 600 EPS, Blade 600 LTX and Blade 1000 LTX. All benefit from the five-year warranty, and all machines are homologated for road use.