The FPT Industrial F28 diesel makes its field debut with the new Carraro Agricube Pro tractors

  •  The new range of Carraro Agricube Pro specialized vineyard and orchard tractors with 55 and 75 kW FPT Stage V F28 diesel engine has been launched in Rovigo, Italy
  • This is the first agricultural application of the engine, which the brand has also launched for the construction equipment and power generation sectors

Inaugurated in 2010, the two companies’ partnership has yielded many successes, with over 25,000 FPT Industrial engines produced for Carraro and adopted on no fewer than 13 tractor platforms. The collaboration is now consolidated with the transition to Stage V and the adoption of the F28 solution for the entire Agricube range, with power outputs of 72, 92 and 102 hp respectively for the 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 vineyard and orchard models.

Able to produce 102 hp at 2300 rpm and 415 Nm at 1500 rpm, this 2.8 liter engine delivers the same performance level as a 3.4 liter but with the size of a 2 liter unit. These unique benefits in terms of compactness and high power density, combined with impressive fuel efficiency, explain its selection by Carraro for its new specialized tractors intended to operate between high-value rows of vines or trees with attachments with intensive hydraulic power demands.

The Stage V F28 is a complete, versatile solution with optimized power generation in an extremely compact structure, making it ideal for applications that demand high performance in a tight space, such as small specialized and utility tractors.

The entire exhaust gas after-treatment system (DOC, SCR, DPF) is contained in a single module underneath the hood, to further reduce dimensions and ensure perfect visibility for the driver.

The single side serviceability and 600-hour oil change interval mean easier maintenance and lower running costs.

Designed to be multi-energy, the F28 can operate on Diesel and is also prefitted for natural gas and for hybrid applications, guaranteeing optimal performances in any condition.