The largest and heaviest grassland rollers come onto the market

  • GOLEM grassland roller from the production of the SMS CZ s.r.o. company in Rokycany is one of the largest and heaviest products in its category on the market with a working width of 5.4 m and a weight of up to 11 tons
  • The rollers have a wide range of accessories, and can combine several operations into one and thus ensure comprehensive care of permanent grassland
  • The company says the machine stands out for its robustness, simplicity, ease of operation, servicing and operational reliability

The first LV 520 grassland roller was manufactured in 2005 and it was a bare roller without accessories and other options. In the nearly 18 years of its existence, the machine has undergone a number of improvements and upgrades, including the extension of the working range. Today, the GOLEM is offered in working widths of 3 m (GOLEM 300) and 5.4 m (GOLEM 540).

The three-metre version is equipped with a single roller housed in a robust construction. The weight of the roll ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 tons.

The GOLEM 540 has a three-part frame, hydraulically folded and is equipped with a total of three rollers each 1.95 m wide. The individual rollers partially overlap, so that the land is worked over the entire width of the machine. The machine weighs from 5.5 tons up to 11 tons when fully equipped and with water filling in the rolls. Lifting the wings into transport position is possible even with water-filled rolls and the wings are secured against release by an automatic lock. The machine is homologated for operation on roads and reaches a width of 2.56 m in the transport position. The GOLEM 300 is not folded, and its overall width of 3 m also allows transport on public roads.

The total weight of the rollers can be influenced by water-filled rolls. They are filled by holes in the side of the roll secured by a steel plug. If necessary, the machine load and roller pressure can be increased up to 2 t per 1 m of swept area. In addition, SMS CZ offers several types of rolls with different wall thicknesses, from 10 to 14 to 20 mm. In rocky terrain, the 20 mm thick rolls will safely push stones on the ground surface without the risk of denting the roll. There is also a spike roller, the Aerator, suitable for aerating permanent grass areas. The roller is fitted with 17 cm high tines made of abrasion-resistant material. The smooth rollers are fitted with a squeegee for wiping off dirt and preventing the machine from clogging.

The GOLEM 300 is connected to the tractor with a 40 mm diameter loop, while the GOLEM 540 has a category III spacer. The working speed of the GOLEM is from 6 to 10 km/h and it can move up to 30 km/h in traffic.

The machine is equipped with wide transport wheels that lift above the machine in the working position. As standard, the machines are offered with 400 mm (GOLEM 300) and 482 mm (GOLEM 540) wide wheels and 15.5 inch (GOLEM 300) and 17 inch (GOLEM 550) rims. On request, GOLEM can be fitted with 550 mm wide flotation wheels and 22.5 inch diameter rims.

Perfect terrain following is achieved by loosely placing the wings on the machine frame of the GOLEM 540. The solution allows both diagonal and transverse copying, even in negative angles. The GOLEM can thus also cope with rugged and hilly terrain.

The safety of the machine can be increased by using the slope brake on the middle roller of the GOLEM 540. The manufacturer recommends the use of the drum brake especially in rough terrain and the brake is pneumatically controlled directly from the tractor cab.

The rollers can be equipped with a wide range of accessories. In addition to the various types of rollers, transport wheels and brakes already mentioned, GOLEM can be equipped with a sowing attachment with hopper capacities from 120 to 300 l. The attachment is conveniently operated from the tractor cab. Not forgetting the straightening sections, which are located on the machine frame in front of the individual rollers. Hydraulically operated double row harrows with fixed skid or flexible skid with several types of blades to choose from are available.

GOLEM grassland rollers are used for flattening land and consolidating surfaces damaged by cattle or other machinery. They are suitable for clogging stones, combing moss and staghorn moss, aerating vegetation, but also for sowing or sowing grass mixtures and applying fertilizers.

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