The New 5D Keyline Series with PowerShuttle

  • Deutz-Fahr has upgraded its 5D Keyline Series even further, adding a PowerShuttle to this versatile tractor range

This improvement has not only made the 5D Keyline Series more comfortable during field work, but even more, during road transfers and on-farm work, thanks to the SenseClutch, ComfortClutch and Stop&Go functions as well as the electrohydraulic PTO actuation. With power outputs from 65 HP/48 kW to 102 HP/75 kW, the four new models of the family offer impressive technology and high comfort at entry-level prices.

Boasting 2000 bar common rail fuel injection, exhaust gas recirculation, a DOC catalytic converter, a compact cooling pack, a viscostatic fan and a PowerCore air filter, the turbocharged and intercooled FARMotion 35 engines combine smooth power delivery with extraordinary fuel efficiency. Both the 5070 and 5080 are equipped with a DPF filter without the need of using Ad-Blue, while the two higher output models – the 5090 and 5100 – feature an exhaust aftertreatment system using both a DPF filter and SCR technology. A 90 l fuel tank keeps these machines going for hours without stopping to refuel.

The new models with PowerShuttle are available with a choice of two transmission versions: with 15+15 speeds or 30+30 speeds with 2-Step Powershift. Both transmissions offer a maximum road speed of 40 km/h attainable at economy engine speed. When fitted with the largest tyre size possible, these tractors can drive at 40 km/h at an engine speed of just 1800 rpm, which is not only reducing fuel consumption but also significantly abating noise emissions.

The new 5D Keyline offers a set of additional features which are so far, as one single package, not available on the market. Starting with the SenseClutch feature, which allows to adjust the smoothness of the direction change in 5 steps – for maximum turf protection or faster loading cycles. The ComfortClutch function adds instead a push button to the gear lever, allowing shifting without the need of pressing the clutch pedal. And finally the Stop&Go feature, which is ideal during front loader application or round bailing, as, when activated, the driver has the possibility to stop and restart the tractor while solely using the brake pedal.

The front axle, with a maximum steering angle of 55° and a maximum axle load capacity of 2300 kg, offers also electro-hydraulically engagement and disengagement of 4WD and 100% differential locks. For uncompromised safety, all 5D Keyline models are equipped with wet disc front brakes.

Highly configurable linkages offer the perfect solution for the wide range of applications catered for by the 5D Keyline Series. The optional 56 l/min pump delivers oil to up to three mechanically operated, double acting rear distributors. The lift has a load capacity of up to 3500 kg. The Easylift system makes the rear lift significantly simpler to use. The mechanically controlled lift can now be raised or lowered by simply pressing a button. The versatility of the 5D Keyline Series can be further extended with the factory-installed Light Kit or Ready Kit allowing installation of a front loader.

Three PTO configurations are available: Groundspeed/540/540 ECO, 540/540 ECO/1000 or 540/540 ECO. For maximum comfort the PowerShuttle models actuate the PTO electro-hydraulically through a push button.

The spacious cab features ergonomically organised controls which are colour-coded for immediate identification, while a clearly legible on-board display installed on the steering column and the comfortable driver seat ensure impeccable comfort when working or driving. A choice of three roof variants is offered to cater for the specific needs of the user: a closed roof, a high visibility roof or an FOPS certified roof for working with a front loader.

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