The new generation of the Fendt 700 Vario

  • With the launch of the seventh generation of the Fendt 700 Vario, Fendt brings a completely new ground up design and expands the power spectrum to up to 300 hp for versatile applications

The new engine, the optional 60-inch track width, FendtONE onboard and offboard and a new generation of the Fendt Cargo front loader distinguish the series as an all-rounder in the world market Fendt claim.

For the first time, the 700 Vario is available with up to 60 km/h. Technical innovations from the large tractors, such as VarioDrive and the innovative cooling concept, lead to ground breaking manoeuvrability in this class. And so, the Fendt 700 Vario sets new standards once again.

In its seventh generation, the new range with five models (Fendt 720 Vario, 722 Vario, 724 Vario, 726 Vario and Fendt 728 Vario) occupies the power range from 203 to 283 hp (147 – 206 kW) (ECE R120). The Fendt DynamicPerformance (DP) extra power concept releases up to 20 hp of extra power in the Fendt 728 Vario DP via a demand-dependent control system precisely when it is needed. The top model thus achieves a maximum performance of up to 303 hp. The extra power concept is not tied to driving speed or special application pick-ups and functions purely dynamically, even when PTO work is carried out at a standstill.

Designed to meet global requirements, the Fendt 700 Vario was developed with a low power-to-weight ratio, with a high performance range, flexibility and the careful use of resources and the environment in mind. The 6-cylinder AGCO Power engine with 7.5 litre capacity has been completely redesigned for the power spectrum. Exhaust gas after-treatment takes place via a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF) and with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) without exhaust gas recirculation. It meets the required exhaust emission standards in all regions worldwide. In Europe, this is the Stage V exhaust emission standard. In addition, maintenance-free hydraulic tappets are installed in the engine. The single-stage Fendt VarioDrive driveline is made up of the engine and the matching Vario transmission.

For the first time, a new trailer brake assistant is optionally available for the Fendt 700 Vario. The trailer brake assistant ensures a even tow even in hilly terrain and thus safe driving behaviour. A sensor measures the thrust torque of the trailer via the transmission. When driving downhill, if the tractor detects that the trailer is pushing too hard, the trailer’s pneumatic brakes are activated. Trailer Brake Assist will be available from the end of 2023.

In the new generation of the Fendt 700 Vario, the tractor and implements are operated simply and individually via the multifunction joystick and the optional 3L joystick in FendtONE onboard. The Fendt 700 Vario is equipped with a 10″ digital dashboard and a 12″ terminal on the armrest as standard. An additional 12″ terminal in the headliner is available as an option.