The new Valtra G Series is easy to operate, maintain and buy

“The G Series is typically an all-purpose farm tractor that can be used for front-loader tasks, spraying, producing feed and cultivating vegetables using smart farming techniques, for example. Operating an all-purpose tractor like this should be easy and safe with comfortable working conditions, a powerful front linkage and hydraulics, and excellent visibility. Altogether, the G Series is compact but still powerful,” says Mikko Lehikoinen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

The new Valtra G Series is easy to operate, maintain and purchase. It has been engineered for demanding front-loader tasks, and the starting point for its design was to offer the best visibility and comfort. It can be specified according to individual needs, its running costs can be predicted precisely thanks to adapted financing solutions and service contracts. Valtra’s aftersales Connect, Care and Go services make using the tractor predictable and carefree.

The G Series has a modern and spacious cab with 5.7 square metres of glass, including 0.35 square metres in the panoramic roof. Cab suspension further enhances comfort along with heated mirrors, air conditioning, a lower cab heater and USB charging plugs that are available with the auxiliary power pack.

Versu models with the SmartTouch interface can access the same SmartFarming features as the bigger N and T Series models. Active models are also available with autoguidance and precision farming features that can be activated via the SmartTouch Extend terminal.

The G Series has been designed to be the ideal tractor for front-loader tasks. It offers excellent visibility, good weight distribution, front-loader that is integrated with the chassis, a hydraulics assistant that automatically increases the engine speed, and the Live 3 feature, which enables the simultaneous use of up to three different front-loader functions.

In addition to field and farmyard tasks, the G Series is also suitable for forestry tasks – as Valtra tractors always have been. For forestry tasks, the G Series can be specified with narrow mudguards, a steel fuel tank, polycarbonate glass, forest tyres, a rotating seat and cab protection. The auxiliary light pack provides four working lights at the front and six at the rear, which also turn on automatically when reversing, facilitating work in dark conditions.

The G Series has a 24+24R transmission with four ranges and six Powershift gears. The shifts from B to C range and between C and D ranges are automated, making it even easier to operate the tractor, especially on roads. In traditional Valtra fashion, the parking brake is integrated with the forward-reverse shuttle lever, and the driver can also programme the transmission settings. The slowest working speed with the creeper gear is just 120 metres per hour, which is ideal for cultivating vegetables, for example.

The new G Series is powered by reliable four-cylinder 4.4-litre AGCO Power engines. The compact size of the engine enables a very low nose that provides excellent visibility. The engine complies with Stage V emission without exhaust gas recirculation. An electronic wastegate and 1600 bar Bosch common rail injection offer fast response and plenty of torque across a broad range of engine speeds.

All models offer power boost already at field speeds when driving in B5 or higher gears. Valtra’s traditional Sigma Power boost is also available for the PTO.

The G125 Eco is the fuel-efficient EcoPower model that lets the driver select Power or Eco mode, which lowers the engine speed while increasing torque to up to 555 Nm. Valtra’s EcoPower models save nature, money and also your hearing thanks to their lower noise.

The best thing about the G Series is that it is available immediately and series production has already begun. In Finland, United Kingdom and Germany customers will be able to reserve one of the new tractors over the internet as of this September. After payment of a reservation fee, the customer will be able to discuss all the details, such as options and possible trade-in tractors, with a local dealer.




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