The PROFI XL 15 and 18 meters slurry injectors

  • Vredo Dodewaard has put the first PROFI XL 15 and 18 meter slurry injectors into operation as prototypes
  • This in addition to the recently available PROFI ECO series with working widths from 5.25m to 7.5m and the PROFI series with working widths from 7.5m to 12m
  • With the addition of 15 & 18 meter Profi XL, Vredo completes its slurry injector range.

Vredo can now serve its customers with all desired working widths of slurry injectors. The market demand to be able to respond more flexibly to tramlines and spray track cultures, in combination with increasingly lower applications per hectare and precision application, has led to the development of a completely new Vredo slurry injector range.

Based on the PROFI series frame, the frame of the PROFI XL series has been made suitable for working widths of 15 and 18 meters. In addition to the standard folding and unfolding cylinders from the PROFI series, the 5-piece 15-meter and 7-piece 18-meter PROFI XL injectors are equipped with an innovative folding and unfolding construction.

This construction provides extra stability and power transmission and optimum soil following and free oscillation in the field. The PROFI XL slurry injectors are standard equipped with active soil following. This means that the injector in the field can let the 5 or 7 frame parts move freely relative to each other. In addition to the free oscillation, it is possible to create an easily adjustable hydraulic preload by means of the hydraulic cylinders and the innovative frame construction, whereby the injector is actively set convex or concave. With this pre-adjustable convex or concave setting, you can immediately respond to the field and/or ground conditions.

Just like the PROFI series, the PROFI XL series is equipped with duo elements with double V-discs (DV) or single V-discs (DS) (both at 18.75 cm row distance). The possible choice for the new single V-disc makes the PROFI XL series also suitable for use in addition to grassland, for applicating slurry in grains in the spring, or for injecting in arable land and stubble in the summer. The duo element with 2 pairs of discs and 2 discs per element is provided with progressive springs which are directly sprung at an oblique angle for optimum power transmission.

For an exact distribution of slurry over the entire working width, both the PROFI XL 15 meter and PROFI XL 18 meter slurry injector are fitted with 2 48-hole Vogelsang ExaCut ECQ distributors. These distributors are mounted at an ideal height for an exact transverse and longitudinal distribution of the slurry. The distributors fold down by means of hydraulic cylinders for a compact transport position of the complete injector, whereby the injector remains within the legally required dimensions during road transport.

The 40mm hoses run in 1 length from the distributor to the rubber outflow nozzle, this means there are no constrictions and the chance of blockages is minimal. Over the entire width, the PROFI XL injectors are equipped with hose holders with a very practical design for guiding the hoses. As a result, the hoses lie in a straight line across the entire width with a minimum of bends and kinks. When folded, the guides ensure controlled, compact and safe folding for transport. The first PROFI XL slurry injectors have now been successfully put into operation and will be extensively tested in the coming year under various conditions. The PROFI XL injectors will be available for the coming slurry season.