‘Tine’ for change – 11.2m tedder launched

  • Krone has launched a new variant of its Vendro tedder, a cutting-edge 11.2m trailed addition to its grassland equipment range

Unveiled at LAMMA 2024, the ten-rotor Vendro C, equipped with six tine arms per rotor, integrates the renowned Vendro features into a trailed unit, along with several innovative enhancements.

Craig Bryson, sales manager at Krone UK, says this machine boasts improved operator convenience, with optional hydraulic height adjustment available from the cab.

“This upgrade aims to improve efficiency for working in varying field conditions,” he says.

Compared to a mounted tedder, this trailed option not only delivers high outputs, but has the added flexibility to use a lower horsepower tractor.

In line with the larger Krone KWT trailed tedders, the Vendro C is designed to lift the chassis while in work, to transfer its weight across the full 11.2m width of the machine.

“Redistributing the weight away from the transport wheels minimises soil contamination in the crop and helps maintain optimum silage quality,” says Mr Bryson.

“The Vendro C also has a defined headland position, which lifts the outer rotors up and away from the ground to avoid contact and damage when turning.”

Mr Bryson explains all Krone tedders have an enclosed driveline, protected by the main chassis to prevent bearing load on the gearbox.

“The tedder runs at a high gear ratio, drawing less power from the engine to make it more fuel efficient,” he says.

The rotors are driven by Krone’s unique maintenance free Octolink drive system which can work through a wider angle and are always in sync, replacing the use of universal joints.

This means the machine can run while folded up as the Octolink couplings are always engaged and have no grease nipples.

Fitted with Krone’s OptiTurn tines, this new design combines the different length inner and outer tines with a new curved profile to carry the crop more efficiently and optimise ground combing.

Mr Bryson says: “The curved tine is a proven feature across our range of rakes and ensures forage is turned and spread evenly, without being launched too high into the air, placing the wetter crop on top to maximise wilting.”

The new Vendro C is available to order for the 2024 season. Contact your local Krone dealer to discuss Krone’s new finance offer, including a 0% finance option, available for orders made before 31 March 2024.

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