Triotrac M a new self-propelled feed mixer from Trioliet

Trioliet the provider of premium feeding technology for dairy farms and launched a new self-propelled feed mixer the Triotrac M. This 14 m3 self-propelled machine has one vertical auger and a cutting-loading system with loading rotor to load the feed into the mixing tub.

The loading system is designed to ensure that the feed is processed cleanly and without losing any during the loading process. The Triotrac M can extract silage at heights of up to 4.5 metres. The compact self-propelled feed mixer is extremely agile, making it suitable for low buildings in cramped yards.

The machine can be fitted with a cross conveyor belt at the rear (AL) or discharge doors on both sides (ZK). The spacious cabin’s height can be adjusted to ensure it is always optimal. The joystick in the armrest is used to control the machine. All settings for loading, mixing and discharging the feed can be adjusted with the joystick. It is powered by a diesel engine  located at the rear of the machine, ensuring it is easily accessible. for maintenance.

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