Truck puts Steyr tractors on the road – and in the field

STEYR has made a major investment to put its tractors in the hands of farmers in the field, with the addition to its demonstration fleet of a new demo support truck. The new articulated vehicle with specially-designed trailer will be on tour for the first time in the birth place of STEYR, Austria, from this month, where it will play a key part in a country-wide VIP customer sales tour co-organised with dealers. This will highlight the new Absolut CVT and Impuls CVT tractors whilst fully observing health and safety protocols at these outdoor-only events in light of the ongoing pandemic.

“Moving forward, the STEYR demo truck and its Absolut 6240 CVT and Impuls 6165 CVT tractors will then be heading to Poland, before it moves on to the Benelux countries”, says Gavin Enright, sales support manager for STEYR.

“After the busy harvest period, it will travel to Germany during the second half of August, and on to eastern Europe, Italy and southern Spain. Ultimately, it will be used Europe-wide in all countries where STEYR is sold, a list that is growing as the brand’s reach is expanded. This means it will support dealers and customers across an area from Spain right up to the Baltics. The STEYR demo truck will support and strengthen the brand, its dealers and importers, its customers, and its image at any events it attends.”

The truck’s trailer is a one-of-a-kind design, providing a high degree of flexibility and functionality for STEYR dealers and Importers, says Mr Enright.

“As an example, it offers the ability to create an event room with more than 50m² of floor space, to easily accommodate the largest of visitor groups when possible, and also incorporates the latest audio/visual technologies. In addition, there is a stage and viewing area, created via the opening of a fully-extendable side wall, plus a professional catering and refreshment area, and full heating and cooling. All of this can be set up at the touch of a button.

“Combined with the truck’s ability to go to off-road event locations such as fields, the new demo unit is a tremendous asset for the STEYR brand. As a marketing tool it represents a highly-significant investment. With the support of our professional demonstration team behind it, the new truck is a clear indication from CNH Industrial of its commitment to the STEYR brand now and in the future. It will help us to show more and more farmers and dealers exactly why STEYR tractors are different.

“Together with our STEYR dealers, we are working to show farmers the product advantages we believe build the strong image of STEYR tractors, using the best possible way we know – experiencing these for themselves from the driver’s seat.