Twin rotor and straw walker combines launched

  • Agritechnica 2023 was the launchpad for a series of updates for New Holland CR Twin Rotor combines and a new look for both CX straw walker and CR Twin Rotor models, plus a preview of innovations to come on the CR range – including an aid to manage weed seeds

The new CR and CX combine ranges for 2025 are easily identifiable, thanks to new ‘Inspired by Nature’ panel styling and decals. The new look gives both ranges a similar family appearance to other machine types across New Holland’s farm equipment product range.

Operators of 2025 model year CR Twin Rotor & CX combines benefit from upgraded seating, with a new leather-upholstered ventilated unit providing more support, plus cooling and heating. A new DAB+ radio provides access to a wider range of stations.

Comfort and safety are both enhanced – and damage risk minimised – by a new righthand rear-view mirror already available on the CX but now also on the CR, which is electrically remotely-foldable to ensure it can be easily retracted when necessary to avoid potential collisions. Safety and productivity benefits also come from the availability of up to three cameras which can be factory-installed in different locations on the machine. Views are selectable via the in-cab terminal screen.

The flotation, traction and transport benefits of tracks are now available for the first time on the CR7.90 model. It can now be specified with 24in-wide heavy-duty belts on SmartTrax units that incorporate Flex technology, which features two pairs of jointed rollers that pivot and rotate laterally and vertically to follow ground contours and maximise grip, while reducing ground pressure over comparable tyres by 57%. Maximum transport speed on CR7.90 models specified with SmartTrax is 30kph, and the track units are equipped with automatic continuous tensioning. Meanwhile, for those facing challenging harvest conditions where maximum spread of combine weight is essential, new options for the front axle of fully-wheeled CR combines include VF (very high flexion) 620/70 R42 dual wheels/tyres and LSW (low sidewall technology) 1250/35 R46 wide flotation units.

New Holland’s Dynamic Flow Control™, which allows the positions of the vanes on the two rotors to be altered on the go in response to changing crop conditions, can boost throughput and productivity by up to 20% and is now also available on the CR7.80, CR7.90 & CR 8.80, while already established and well-proven on wider CR combines such as CR8.90/9.90/10.90. The technology was already working with the IntelliSense algorithm on wide CR models and it has now been added to the CR7.80, CR7.90 & CR8.80 models.

Internally, New Holland CR combines benefit from extended capabilities for the IntelliSense automated combine management technology, which continuously and automatically optimises the machine’s threshing, separation, and cleaning shoe settings according to the operator’s inputted request to minimise grain loss, maximise grain quality, maximise throughput or achieve a set fixed throughput. At launch the system featured settings for wheat, oilseed rape/canola, maize/corn and soybeans. New settings are available for oats and sorghum/millet/milo, allowing those harvesting these crops to benefit from the same potential productivity gains. IntelliSense is standard on CR9.90 and CR10.90 combines, and optional on other CR models.

New Holland used Agritechnica to preview a number of technology developments planned for 2025 model year New Holland CR combines, with the aim of assessing customer reaction and gathering feedback. This includes the introduction of PLM Intelligence on the CR combine range, consisting in a new IntelliView 12 touchscreen terminal with higher resolution and a brighter, reduced-glare display. A full operator’s manual with search function can be accessed with Grain Cam images and improved 3D mapping. It can be easily operated by pinch and swipe actions, offering remote screen viewing for operator assistance, software updates can be done over the air and includes a remote service tool allowing users to create and share screenshots. The new display also comes with an all new IntelliSteer option featuring top end guidance performance combined with maximum setting possibilities. IntelliField™allows A-B lines and coverage maps to be shared.

Agritechnica also saw a preview of an innovative new weed control management option feature for CR combines with 559mm (22in) rotors (CR8.90/9.90). Developed by Australian firm Seed Terminator, the unit of the same name uses multi-stage hammer mills to pulverise weed seeds along with the chaff to eliminate their ability to germinate when reaching the ground, helping users reduce weed burdens in the following crop. One of the key features of our technology – which also makes it different from any other available – is the aggressivity of the system, which is adjustable depending of the demand.

Lars Sorensen, Head of Combines and Headers New Holland Agriculture said: “The New Holland 10.90 still holds a world record, and it is currently considered the best in the industry. Model Year 2025 of our CRs is expanding the offering of these outstanding machines to higher level of technology and innovation, with an improved style.”

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