Twin rotor rake with ingenious steering from Pottinger

  • Pöttinger launches the new flexible TOP 632 A with CURVETECH side rake

The side swath rake owes its high flexibility to the ingenious steering system on the rear rotor. This allows the working widths to be varied over a large range, depending on the follow-up machine. Even obstacles and awkward field shapes can be raked around without any problems. The twin rotor rake reaches a working width of up to 6.30 metres in double swath mode.

To rake a double swath or two single swaths, the rear rotor, which is connected to the front one by a flexible frame, can be steered to the left or right by a hydraulic cylinder.

CURVETECH is the name Pöttinger has given to its automatic steering system on the rear rotor. Two hydraulic cylinders work together to steer the rear rotor. When cornering, an additional linkage between the front pivot point of the main frame and the hydraulic cylinders ensures optimised overlap of the two rotor units. The optimal working width is achieved as a result.

BASIC CONTROL is standard on the TOP 632 A with CURVETECH. This pre-select system offers you maximum operating convenience. The following modes can be selected: single swath, double swath, park, transport.

The two hydraulic cylinders for steering the rear rotor are controlled automatically so that when the spool valve is actuated, the rear rotor swings out on the correct side. The pre-select for folding the hydraulic swath curtain is included.

The trailed TOP A twin rotor side swath rakes are equipped with tandem axles as standard. No slope is too steep for the wide chassis. TOP rakes stand out in terms of ground tracking when fitted with the (optional) double jockey wheels inside the rotor arc on the rear rotor, as well as the optional field-proven MULTITAST tracking wheels. The rear rotor is mounted in gimbals, which together with the freedom of movement in the frame joints allows excellent three-dimensional ground tracking of each rotor.

PÖTTINGER’s new TOP 632 A with CURVETECH is the solution for farms that demand high output with intelligent technology